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If I purchase a character slot, can I have one of my deleted characters brought back?

I do not want to purchase an extra character slot unless this is possible.

Also, I have not sent a ticket yet. Was hoping my question might get answered this way, but I will probably submit a ticket tomorrow.

Thank you!

EDIT: I deleted this character because I didn't have space to keep him in the past. These purchaseable slots give me the opportunity to have a new character so I think it is probably worth it to at least try to get him back.
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  • BlackSparrow
    A search of the forums found this thread:

    Looks like the GMs restored someone's deleted character early on when someone submitted an in-game support ticket, but response since then to these tickets has been iffy (and I'd bet even iffier lately, given the recent slow support response).

    Bottom line seems to be it's possible so it may be worth a shot if you have the extra Crowns... but I wouldn't buy a character slot assuming it's a sure thing.
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