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What is the strangest creature you think is "kinda cute"

  • milkbox
    Goblins, but mostly for the sounds they make. I would like some house goblins.
  • riberion
    I've always thought the Wormmouth (sp?) were cute.

    Oh, and bantam guar!
    Edited by riberion on April 24, 2017 3:12PM
    PC NA
  • lientier
    Thorn gekko..
    though lots are weird and cinda cute.. the owls are always watching me weirdly
    PC-EU @lientier
  • Incognitius
    Welwa's definitely.

    The cute way they pounce at you to maul you to death. <3

  • Muttsmutt
    lamias & zal nur... most reptilians actually #argonians4lyfe<3
  • onemoredragon
    Scaaaaamps. Absolutely adorable ears and sounds they make.. (too much time spent on a pet sorc not to grow attached to my stupid little scampy)

    PC EU @OneMoreDragon

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    Viannereth, bosmer warden bow/bow DD
    Moraelyn of Ra'athim, dunmer necromancer magicka DD

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  • Ishrii


    So cute, their skittering noises and when they are idle they wiggle their bums ;_;
    Necrotic giant ones in ICP make me wish there was a mount.
  • Demion
    Elfs because of reasons...
    @darksenechal - EU PC - Demion Samenel - Templar "The Reluctant Hero of Tamriel"
  • CaffeinatedMayhem
  • SydneyGrey
    Dragon-frogs, goats, clannfears, nixads :)
  • Fjorynn
    I like janky builds.
  • Zoner
    Haj mota hatchling is cute af
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  • max_only
    They're around Belkarth, tiny non hostile skeevers basically.
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  • Thesnarkyshaman
    Seth Rogen.
  • RavenEye
    I like so many!
    Besides the guar, scuttler and echatere; I like the alit :3
  • agegarton
    For me, it's got to be the Kindlespit Dragon Frog. It's the only pet I have felt compelled to buy. I love the animation too.

    And can we all please agree not to post pictures of giant spiders without some sort of clear and unambiguous warning? Not fair.

  • Asardes
    Nerfodon Natchopus
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    Joleen the Swift | 50 Redguard Templar | DC AR 20 |
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    Claudius Tharn | 50 Necromancer | DC AR 20 |
    Nazura-la the Bonedancer | 50 Necromancer | AD AR 20 |

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  • paulsimonps
    I am gonna say Mudcrabs and Netches. I would add a 3rd one but NDA :tongue: I really love the two I mentioned thou, my best friend gave me a Mudcrab plushy for my birthday a while back and my wife gave me the netch plushy for christmas. I named my Netch Manfred. My Mudcrab is named Magicka, and my main toon has used a mudcrab as a pet ever since I got that plushy as a nice reminder.
  • Runschei

    HAHAHA joking.

    Scamps and banekins are cute.
  • coop500
    Netches, Bantan guars and clanfears.
    Wishing for Lilmothiit race still! Or maybe Lilmothiit companion?
  • wolfdoggie_ESO
    Grievous Twilight
    good boy /pets nose
  • Cêltic421
    Lysette wrote: »
    HaldaAinur wrote: »
    Not a big fan of spiders (although I hope to overcome this fear), but the little guys are pretty cute looking :)

    Try one of these - just make no fast or sudden moves, and you will be "environment" for them and they will stay calm.

    Web-creating spiders are not that cute though - like this bark spider - those were discovered very late in 2009 in Madagaskar. My partner works with the spider silk proteins of this spider, some of those silk proteins create a self-assembling string, which is about 10 times stronger than kevlar - we try to find ways to get this into industrial production, but it is quite hard and so far no one had success with it.

    Interesting. I always heard that spider webs were extraordinary strong and might compare to steel in breaking point testings.

    The other week I was walking home, rather fast and I was going to cut thru two utilities poles I got 2 feet away and this spider dropped drown quickly and I stopped suddenly and was like woahhh!2011-09-15_12-19-28_447_zpsltz2upsk.jpg
    If she didn't drop down to line of sight I would have walked right through her web face first. She saw me coming and thought dinner lol.
    Some web spiders may be ugly but not all.
  • Livvy
    Spriggans! <3


    I soooooo want a spriggan pet...
  • TheImperfect
    Molag Bal, I keep him as a pet

  • Sheezabeast
    I think Lurchers are cool :D I would love to have a Mini Lurcher pet someday!

    Grand Master Crafter, Beta baby who grew with the game. PC/NA. @Sheezabeast if you have crafting needs!
  • Rainchaser
    Hmmm... If I had to pick, probably Guar, especially the Pony Guar. Wish I hadn't passed on that pet. Oh well. Mudcrabs are also cute in my book, but I've got this weird thing where I think crustaceans IRL are cute, too. :P
  • Cersela
    Silt Striders
  • JiKama
    I love my monkey pet from playing during the beta :smiley:
  • Panomania
    Patton Oswalt

    You find it offensive, I find it funny. Thats why I'm happier than you will ever be.
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