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Where are all the replacements @ZOS?

If it takes an hour to Q up for a dungeon, then it should take seconds to find a replacement whenever a player drops (lol, or gets booted).
  • Malsidius
    It seems I never get a replacement whenever someone drops.
  • SolarCat02
    I have been unable to find any group in group finder, either queueing solo or with a mostly full group only needing a dps, since Dark Brotherhood.

    It's very broken.
    Why be normal when you can be better?

    Elissandra Ravenwing, Magicka Dragonknight Healer
    Lady Kalila, Stamina Templar DPS
    Stands-in-Danger, Nightblade Saptank
    Zalarah, Stamina Dragonknight DPS
  • Malsidius
    Once there was a time where players would wait few minutes to wait for a replacement. Now, I've noticed that folks don't even hesitate to wait because most of us who have been playing awhile know that it is hopeless to wait.
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