Please make deployed siege only usable by the one deploying it

  • altemriel
    Leandor wrote: »
    It is freely tradeable, you can hand it over anytime, there is absolutely no reason why we still have deployed siege being taken over by people who are either too cheap to buy their own or leech off from those that actually know how, when and where to deploy it.

    I can't count how many battles I have lost just because some random person took over the siege that was deployed to actually have a chance against the blue tide and refused to check out even after being told.

    @Wheeler please make it happen.

    simply: NO :)!!

    why would that be? there is a siege, noone using it, anyone from that alliance can use it, that is it!!
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  • Crispen_Longbow
    In VE we had our own siege guild trolls. BBQ would constantly flip our siege around and point it in the opposite direction, when you were running multiple siege at once. You would make your siege rounds and get back to your first one and it would look like this...



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  • Muizer
    I agree with the OP in the sense that that is what would be required for the next logical step: to ensure a player can have no more than one siege weapon up at any time. That, or siege weapons should stop to rearm when unattended. There's too much ridiculousness going on in TESO and It's bad enough we can walk around with 200 trebuchets in our backpack. For a single person to operate several auto re-arming trebuchets at a time is too much.
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  • qrichou
    Yep I agree 100%. Tired of someone jumping on my siege. "Buy your own" is what I told someone once and he/she said I'll use your siege if I want I do not see your name on it and there is not s*** you can do about it. He/She is s right, there is nothing I can do.

    And there are the traitors jumping on it , turning it around shooting birds .
    I hope text chat comes soon for console .
    Naming and shaming will clear up the battle field.
    because its possible
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