Imperial Raiders: End-Game Trials Guild looking for DPS players

Hey guys, we're an end-game trials guild, looking for top DPS players to tackle Vet Sanctum and Vet Maw. If you're interested, post a message on here and tell us your gamertag and a bit about your build, and we'll send you an invite. (You can also send an in-game message to theorygeek.)

What we're looking for
  • You have your end-game gear, golded-out.
  • You're able to handle complex game mechanics.
  • You can easily deal 15-20k damage per second, and sustain for a few minutes.
  • You're not an ***. Seriously, you need to be able to positively contribute to the group strategy, and offer constructive criticism.
  • You can handle being called-out without taking it personally.

How the guild works
  • We'll ask you to take a DPS test. We know it's controversial, but it gives us a chance to see your rotation, measure your damage and sustain, and talk about your build.
  • We run scheduled trials 1-2 times per week, and randomly throughout the week or on weekends.
  • We're not the most social guild, but you can hit up any of us if you need to farm for gear, or run the daily dungeons.
  • We have several crafters. You'll often see them making weapon or spell pots at the start of trials.

We already have healers and tanks, but you can message us about those too. It doesn't hurt to have back-ups.

Thanks everyone.
- theorygeek
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