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Guild recruiting PvE and PvP players -Dragons Chaos

Soul Shriven
Hello, I am the guild master to the guild "Dragons Chaos". We are looking for players who remain fairly active, PvE players and PvP players are both welcome! I want to make a strong guild, everyone contributes, become a family, enjoy tamirel. Guild meeting will be held on the weekends and council meetings will be soon determined. Join the guild and work up the ranks to council member, council members will be hand picked by me and voted in after that.

Once the guild has more members here will be 3 factions within the guild each having thier own ranks.

Guild factions; PvE, PvP, Trade/Crafting

PvE Officer
PvE Member

PvP Officer
PvP Member

C/T Member

Each faction will have 1 council member overseeing and controlling the factions, the council members of the faction will be able to promote and demote the members of thier faction, and if they believe someone is hurting the guild they will send me a letter letting me know and I'll look Into having them removed.

If you are interested in joining please leave your gamertag below and I'll see you in Tamriel.


-Dragons Chaos-
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