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"Unable to connect to the game server. Please make sure you have a valid internet connection"

Soul Shriven
Every time I attempt to choose my character It will never connect and it keeps telling me "Unable to connect to the game server. Please make sure you have a valid internet connection". Occasionally it will load my character but when it does I can't travel from Bleakrock Isle with out getting kicked from the game because its unable to connect to the game server. My internet connection is valid and I cannot figure out what the true problem is or what could be the solution.
  • Serjustin19
    I usually have this error all the time. Usually in PVP on Scourge PS4 EU. I usually freeze first. Everything freeze I mean. I continue to walk. Then kick to screen with this error.
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    It Was A Glorious 2+ years in Scourge PS4 EU, especially during both the 1st and 2nd Scourge. As well as my time in Haderus PS4 EU. What will my journey bring, during my time in Shor, We shall wait; for my journey has only begun. Shor has ended as well as Yol, both hath gone short lived. Kaal and Laa alas are my new journey. Save for Laa replaced short lived Yol; The shortest campaign I've ever been. How many more campaigns must be renewed and delivered? No one knows, till the end. It's not the end, but only just the beginning. What do I mean by this? I don't really know honestly, I keep pondering this myself everyday.

  • VodkaVixen1979
    Oh yes, I get this all the time. The famous "it's not our fault, it must be yours" error that has nothing to do with my internet and everything to do with ZOS and their game crashing....
  • WiseGuy25
    Soul Shriven
    Yeah it's annoying because it used to work fine and now I can't get it to function at all. On rare occasions It will work but 90% of the time its the same issue. None of the suggested solutions I have found worked either.
  • jcroop9
    I have these issues, if they persist I might try a solution I figured out for my brother after the 1.14 patch where he could not login 100% of the time for a week. For the game to become playable he had to go to <setting/system storage management/saved data> and delete the ESO file. This does nothing more than lose your screen size and brightness for the most part, other option menu items i am guessing. It just clears out your console save file. Your characters are still there just as if you logged on to them on a friends console. I travel and constantly have to readjust screen size and brightness due to all hotel chains having different TV's. But i am not sure what other setting changes I have made. Sure they will come back to me once I delete the file. It's pretty benign and might help. Seems like the devs have not a clue so.
  • Vaoh
    Welcome to ESO, where we are perfect and every bug, crash, exploit, and performance issue is your fault! :p
  • vic4ert
  • socivL
    i saw your character on the crown store, almost bought it.
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