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How many quests did the last patch broke?

Found 2 today in Shadowfen that you can`t complete, Buried in the Past and Unbridled Wealth... plus a dozen more where you need to go to the backpack to use the quest item or no luck. I also see people complaining about many others.

What did you hotfix exactly? When can we expect you will look at the quests?

I mean i know that with all the other bugs and cheating you have your hand full but i don`t know maybe stop working on the next DLC and fix stuff?
  • Juponen
    I ran into these same bugs and can't but wonder how they managed to break these two quest objects!?! A dead guar? A lockbox object like any other that is still interactive?
  • Inig0
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  • nine9six
    I've found 2 in Stonefalls, but one you can get around in a "Clever Use of Mechanics" kind of way.


    I /bug'd them.
    Edited by nine9six on June 10, 2016 7:24PM
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  • ADarklore
    There are a TON of quests that are bugged... but thanks to another player who mentioned it in another post I found a workaround...

    For quests that have you collect an item and then use it later at a specific point... you can go into your inventory, to your quest items tab, and manually 'use' the item from there. For those that require activation of an item that you don't collect, I'm not sure there is a workaround for that. The only thing you can do is /bug and report it... I'm sure their list is extremely long by now. Can't help wonder if this is what the PC beta testers and PC launch players had to deal with for months until they fixed all the quests.
    Edited by ADarklore on June 10, 2016 7:38PM
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  • Reykice
    They have no testers i think or the testers do something else... you are right so many broken quests and nobody working on them.
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