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Tomorrow Patch and useless skills/morphs

With the new patch a few of my skills and morph s will become useless, so I wonder if you know if there is a way to remove them and get some skill points left. I've searched the web and I've found there is a way to have a complete respec but it costs 1k gold for each skill and it's a bulk one. Am I missing something? I really need to have 130+ k gold in order to properly utilise my skills?
Thank you!
  • MissBizz
    Community Ambassador
    It was mentioned previously in the chat of an ESO Live stream that we will be given cheaper respecs for a period after the update. So wait until tomorrow and see what the new temporary cost is.

    As well, there is an option to reset ALL skill points, or just reset the morphs (which is considerably cheaper)
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  • 888and888
    Thank you very much for your help, that's really good news!
  • Mike_IG
    1k gold for each skill WTF.

    I've never paid close to that, I have well over 100 skill points on the character I'm using at the moment and it costs 6850 gold to reset skills or just 1100 if I want to just reset morphs.
    (this is on XB1)
    I would say its around 50 gold a skill point to reset not 1000 as I would say I have around 130 at a guess ( you have to respec that all or none at all)

    Have you been to an actual respec shrine to see how much it costs (it tells you before you actually do it so you can see).

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  • CP5
    The patch isn't live on xbox. On pc before the maintenance the cost was 1 gold per skill point. Just wait.
  • CombatPrayer
    I saw a video about some location where you can reset your skill points. I'll have to search for it. ...

    shrines are involved
  • Mike_IG
    CP5 wrote: »
    The patch isn't live on xbox. On pc before the maintenance the cost was 1 gold per skill point. Just wait.

    Wait so are you saying it's 1 gold or 1k gold per skill point.

    I know the patch isn't live on Xbox yet I was just saying what the amount was on the Xbox, Seems crazy that for DB patch they would up it from around 50 gold to 1000 gold per skill point that the OP says it is.
  • Kozai
    It is normally pretty expensive, but they have a discount of 1 GP per skill point with the DB update. That is almost certainly temporary, they haven't said how long it will run, speculation is a week but I wouldn't wait. You can do it more than once while it is discounted.

    I don't know when that will apply to Xbox, but I would imagine they will have the same discount for the same time after DB updates there.
  • 888and888
    Yes, I can confirm the first respec is really cheap, I was pleasantly surprised :)
  • Brrrofski
    OP, it's not that expensive.

    My main has 280ish skill points, and a full respec costs about 13-14k.

    But, when the patch drops, it's going to be super cheap for a short while.
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