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Everlasting Conquest - End game PVE

Everlasting Conquest began as a top PVE Raiding Guild (12 Man Trials), the guild had Sanctum, AA, and Hel-ra on hard mode and farms each week for leader boards score. Unfortunately the guild lost a lot of members with players moving on to other games and inactive members. I am looking to rebuild the guild and put together another strong 12 man trial group.

What I am looking for:

Amazing DPS. Have a strong understanding of your DPS character and be able to equally perform on multiple other characters (nightblade, dragonknight, sorcerer, and templar). Not looking for players who only have one class. you need to be able to fill any role given to you in a raid group and master that role.

Dedicated Healers. Your gear and understanding of the healing role needs to be excellent.

Tanks that know how to sustain their resources and know their build.
Requirements to join guild -
-Have a MIC
-Have a desire to be part of a COMMUNITY
-Have a desire to be one of the top players in the game without being rude to others
-Dps must pass our DPS test. (Bloodspawn solo kill under a minute)
-Healers must be able to keep people alive
-Must have an absolute understanding of mechanics. Be able to know when mechanics are about to happen and not rely on someone to tell you when to do something. Be self aware and anticipate moves before they happen.

If you have any questions about the guild or our what we're like, please message me and ask! I'd love to answer any and all questions


The guild consists of mainly AD players and I will not turn away EP or DC alliance players.
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