Looking for a group to help a newbie in veteran dungeons

Hey! First off i want to say thanks for taking the time to read this. I am looking for a group of people who would be willing to help me through some veteran dungeons. Now when i say i am a newbie i am not clueless. I am veteran level 12 and i get through the game just fine on my own and never have much of a problem surviving in normal pve but when i start to do veteran dungeons with random groups i feel very unprepared and clueless. I am not very good with this whole specializing to be tank/attacker/healer thing. When i joined the game i became a nightblade because i thought "wow that sounds awesome, i want to be an assassin" but then i came to love heavy armor and obviously that doesn't really mix and i guess that is my point. I am a newbie because i have no idea how to specialize my character and want some of that awesome vetern dungeon armor. So if anyone is interested in helping me out and teaching me i would be extremely greatful. My gamertag is Cornbread923. I have not created a guild but if enough people are interested in helping out i would love to turn this into a guild that can help teach people like me how to actually succeed in this game and will be completely open to suggestion on the name of said guild if it comes to that. Thanks again for reading and double thanks if you can help me out!
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