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Word Bearers Legion is recruiting!

New small guild started by a group of friends, most of us are still leveling however we are excited to hopefully bring in some new members both new and old to the game! We have a decently active guild chat and have members on in both east and west coast time zones! We will be focusing on both aspects of pve and pvp! So if you're interested send estof or sRAWxButcher a message and one of us will get in touch with you about getting you an invite into our guild!
  • sRAWxButcher
    We are currently looking for additional members to fill positions in Crafting and Recruiting! We have a fairly active member base that is running events every 1-2 days so message sRAWxButcher, Estof, epic snipes, or Solitaire38 for an invite!
  • sRAWxButcher
    Now operating world wide , the Word Bearers Legion is looking for members to join our PVP and PVE teams! Weekly events are running for both aspects of the game! Looking for members to join us regardless of skill level! If you're interested contact Estof, sRAWxButcher, Ole Fluffy or Solitare38 for an invite tell them Butcher sent you!
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