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[XB1][NA][EP] Mystical Beasts recruiting new members!

Welcome initiates to Mystical Beasts! Thank you for taking an interest in joining our fold! Below is a list of Frequently Asked Questions and the answers to those questions so that you might become more familiar with the guild and what we’re all about.

Q: What is Mystical Beasts and Who is Allowed to Join?

A: Good question! Mystical beasts is a casual guild for people with characters that are either Argonian or Khajiit and magic users. Any gender of both races is allowed to join, as long as they are magic users of some form. Any class can join, for example, if they use magic abilities and carry a staff/wear robes, including dragonknights and nightblades! Two-handed and sword and shield warrior characters who use magic can join as well, after all we’d get nowhere in PvP without a tank, or twelve. Bow wielders and dual dagger characters who use magic may also join.

Q: Is there a story behind the guild/is it lore friendly?

A: Sure is! The lore behind the guild is it was started by my main, and Argonian named Bathes-In-Moonlight, as a school for wayward Khajiit and Argonians who escaped slavery at the hands of the Dunmer. Despite the forming of the Pact, the Telvanni still keep both Argonian and Khajiiti slaves as they’re not part of the, so it’s still very much open to rescued or escaped slaves, as well as any Argonian or Khajiit who wishes to become an accomplished scholar or powerful mage. Those who are not as good with magic or study serve as guards, lookouts, scouts and spies charged with proctecting the students of the guild. These members will be given the special title of Sentinel.

Q: Is roleplaying allowed?

A: Not only is it allowed, it’s encouraged! ESO is an MMORPG after all, and I’ve always enjoyed getting into character and immersing myself into the game world. Mystical Beasts is partially meant to be a community to serve such a purpose.

Q: What are the goals of the guild?

A: As a guild in game, our goals include inducting new players and helping them increase in power by leveling up, questing and adventuring for lorebooks, recipes, crafting motifs and other types of knowledge, both common and hard-to-come-by. We will also delve into dangerous dungeons and delves, and locate and share the locations of skyshards, as well as locate and defeat world bosses and Dolmens for any useful or powerful artifacts they may be carrying. We’ll also play a minor role in the Alliance War, capturing a keep and its resources to use as a base of operations in Cyrodiil when we need to go there for grinding, PvE and DLC like the Imperial City.

Q: What are the benefits of joining Mystical Beasts?

A: The benefits are many my friends! If you’re new to the game, you’ll have many fellow students and scholars to aid and assist you in leveling up and beating difficult bosses and enemies, as well as fellow guildmates to call upon if you wish to do a delve or dungeon, or if you need partners for DLC. Since we’re also about acquiring knowledge and looking badass, you’ll have access to shared information like lorebook and skyshard locations. Just as well, if you’re like me and you desperately want the awesome Trinimac robes or armor, we’ll all be working hard to acquire the full motif and/or its chapters as well as other rare and valuable motifs. These motifs will be available for sale in the Guild Store of course, or if a member already knows them, you may call upon them to make your gear for you!

Q: Is anything mandatory, like wearing heraldry?

A: While we will have heraldry, you are in no way required to wear it. This goes for all guild activities. If the guild is gathering to go into a dungeon or do battle in Cyrodiil, you won’t be forced to do it if you don’t want to. The guild is a community, not a dictatorship.

Q: Can we invite our friends?

A: By all means, if you know someone who’d like to be part of the guild don’t hesitate to ask them! Send them my way or if you’re the appropriate guild rank, invite them in yourself! We need a minimum of 50 members to bid on a guild trader, so the more the merrier!

Q: Is the only way to rise up in guild rank to play in PvP?

A: Not at all! Any guild member can increase in rank by simply contributing to the guild or helping the guild or its members. For example donating funs to the guild bank, recruiting new members or simply spreading the word, collecting rare and valuable motifs for sale in the guild store or making weapons and armor for the guild. The magnitude of the contribution to the guild will determine how high the rank achieved. Currently the highest achievable rank is Intermediary, though more will be added over time. Sentinel rank is a special rank for warrior and rogue Argonians and Khajiit who don’t use magic, serving as protectors and spies in the guild lore. Councilor rank is for trusted guild admins.

Q: Does it matter if we’re a vampire or werewolf?

A: Nope! Neither has any affect on your membership of this guild or any other guild, and you won’t be required to leave a werewolf or vampire centric guild to be part of Mystical Beasts. All I ask is that you leave the option to bite open should anyone want it, but not try to force it on every new member or anything like that.

Thanks for reading everyone and I hope you enjoy being a member of my humble little guild. If you have any further questions feel free to comment below or message me on Xbox Live! May the Hist watch over you egg-bretheren, and to our Khajiiti friends; may your roads lead you to warm sands!

Guildmaster SWJS (Bathes-In-Moonlight)
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