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I want to know about -YOU- (Kind of RP)

I want to know about you, and by "you" I mean your character. The main one you play. Share your character here! Anything about them, weather it be for RP reasons or just "she has big ta-tas". I'll start!

I'm not an RPer, but I tend to make "stories" for my characters. It keeps things interesting. My character is an Argonian, his name is Sogreth. He is kind, but also a little bit of a loner. He tries to do the right thing, make the right choices. He believes in second chances, but with a heavy heart, he will take someone's life if he has to, to end a lifetime of suffering, or to stop a tyrant from taking the lives of many innocent people.

Sogreth is an expert Alchemist, he loves creating salves and tonics from various herbs. And he also loves adventure, and the two go hand in hand when diving into a dark cave. Using his own creations to help heal his wounds, and poisons to harm his enemies. Sogreth has also studied a bit of healing magic, and paired with his expertise with a bow, make quite the deadly combo! He is also a great chef! But don't worry! He knows to keep his Alchemy, and Cooking, separated! ;)

Sogreth is also a Werewolf! And although he never choose this path, he was just in the wrong place, at the wrong time, he doesn't think of it as a "curse". He will occasionally call upon this gift in times of great need. He trusts this power, and with his great Willpower, he is able to fully control the beast inside.

  • Chelister
    love your approach to making things more interesting

    I too used to make background stories, makes it more entertaining, I stopped it though. for no reason

    didn't expect to see a post like this, interesting description of a character

    Sogreth wrote: »
    I want to know about you, and by "you" I mean your character. The main one you play. Share your character here! Anything about them, weather it be for RP reasons or just "she has big ta-tas". I'll start!

    I'm not an RPer, but I tend to make "stories" for my characters. It keeps things interesting. My character is an Argonian, his name is Sogreth. He is kind, but also a little bit of a loner. He tries to do the right thing, make the right choices. He believes in second chances, but with a heavy heart, he will take someone's life if he has to, to end a lifetime of suffering, or to stop a tyrant from taking the lives of many innocent people.

    Sogreth is an expert Alchemist, he loves creating salves and tonics from various herbs. And he also loves adventure, and the two go hand in hand when diving into a dark cave. Using his own creations to help heal his wounds, and poisons to harm his enemies. Sogreth has also studied a bit of healing magic, and paired with his expertise with a bow, make quite the deadly combo! He is also a great chef! But don't worry! He knows to keep his Alchemy, and Cooking, separated! ;)

    Sogreth is also a Werewolf! And although he never choose this path, he was just in the wrong place, at the wrong time, he doesn't think of it as a "curse". He will occasionally call upon this gift in times of great need. He trusts this power, and with his great Willpower, he is able to fully control the beast inside.


  • menedhyn
    fey-vetha'a: was a trader and merchant from northern Elsweyr. Has seen and enjoyed large parts of Tamriel through her travels with her caravan. Thinks she is too old to fight in the Alliance War, and doesn't want to have to take sides and fight against races she has no issues with.

    Menedhyn Bek: still in development, but another older character who much prefers the company of animals than people!
    'Pure rains make sweet rivers'
  • PriorityBalle
    I love you guys. :')
    Pedin i phith in aníron, a nin ú-cheniathog

  • phaneub17_ESO
    Basic Summary: An Imperial raised by a Khajiit family, but he was the new born of notable aristocrats within the Empire and a target of the Aldmeri Dominion who sent a Thalmor assassin to take them out. That assassin extinguished those two lives with relative ease, thinking her task is over hears crying and investigates, finding out there's a little baby in their possession it is then she is reminded of her own children and did not want to leave the child to die she takes him with her. He lives a hard life, growing up as the only human in a remote Khajiit village, his mother vanishes for months at a time leaving him in the care of his two older siblings who love to tease him constantly about being slow and awkward looking. They develop a strong bond however, and become inseparable in life.

    So my characters are an Imperial Magicka Templar Healer who travels with his older brother a Khajiit Stamina Nightblade assassin, following the footsteps of his mother, and his sister a Khajiit Stamina Sorc assassin. My Imperial eventually finds love in all the wrong places, meeting a Dunmer Magicka Dragon Knight Tank who has this unnatural obsession for inflicting pain and suffering to others for pleasure... she fit in just right with us.

    At least that was the original story, gameplay wise they changed a lot after experiencing this game is not what I thought it would be with the "play the way you want" mantra being false advertisement early on.
  • Ser Lobo
    Ser Lobo
    Ruze Aulus. Imperial, male, about 45. Stands about 5'9", grey eyes, haughty features.

    The Aulus family. Ancestoral home in the mountain lands northeast of Cheydenhall. Loyal supporters of the Emperor, and have been everything from regional mayors to senators. His cousin, Auxus Aulus, is even a Mayor of the city of Southpoint (interesting fact, I made my character and never knew there was a 'Mayor Aulus' because I'm Ebonheart Pact; there is definitely a resemblance, which was a little unnerving).

    Ruze inherited the home when he was a teenager, as his father was viciously murdered during a robbery while visiting Cheydenhall. His mother had passed shortly after his birth. Most of his childhood was spent under the tutelage of the house overseer, a dunmer.

    While the house wasn't strong and the fields were mostly untended under his father's disasterous care, Ruze and his overseer handled things differently. Soon they rose back into power, and at the age of forty-three Ruze exercised his right as an Imperial Citizen and attended senate for the first time.

    This just so happened to be the same day the Imperial City fell to the forces of Oblivion, and Ruze found himself summarily sacrificed.

    The hidden side of this story is Ruze (and his father, and probably many members of the Aulus bloodline) has a fascination with the arts of murder.

    See, Ruze was the one who found his father in that alley and slit his throat. He had seen much the same when he witnessed his father kill the field workers in the manor houses secret cellar. Field workers who never showed up for work the next day, and whom the overseer would eventually report 'left without word.'

    It was an urge, an overwhelming force, that first time. And very messy. And if it wasn't for the sake of that overseer walking down that very same alley, Ruze would have probably been executed for his crime.

    Strangly enough, that overseer knew how to make a body look like it had been robbed. And he pulled the younger Aulus aside and began to teach him the old ways. The ancient ways. The Morag Tong ways.

    Not that Ruze would ever have joined the guild. But he did spend his formidable years taking third party work, work which paid well, and work that let him see the world. 'Always on business', the overseer would say, as the house coffers grew and the Aulus family seated itself once again in the region.

    Since he escaped Coldharbor, nothing has been the same. The Aulus estates were crushed by the war machines moving through Cyrodiil. His overseer and field hands? Not a trace. Rumor has it his cousin had gone insane at the urgings of Sheograth himself, though Ruze has met the Prince and was not amused by his antics, either.

    He's allied to no country or land, except Cyrodiil and the Empire, and they've fallen. Homeless, landless, what is there left for Ruze but the thirst?
    Ruze Aulus. Mayor of Dhalmora. Archer, hunter, assassin. Nightblade.
    Gral. Mountain Terror. Barbarian, marauder, murderer. Nightblade.
    Na'Djin. Knight-Blade. Knight, vanguard, defender. Nightblade.

    Ruze is a veteran of the PC Beta, lived through the year one drought, survived the buy-to-play conversion, and has stepped foot in the hells known as Craglorn. He mained a nightlbade when nightblades weren't good, and has never worn a robe. He converted from PC during the console betas, and hasn't regretted it a moment since.

    He'd rank ESO:TU (in it's current state) a 4.8 out of 5, loving the game almost entirely.

    This is an multiplayer game. I should be able to log in, join a dungeon, join a battleground, queue for a dolmen or world boss or delve, teleport in, play for 20 minutes, and not worry about getting kicked, failing to join, having perfect voice coms, or being unable to complete content because someone's lagging behind. Group Finder and matchmaking is broken. Take a note from Destiny and build a system that allows from drop-in/drop-out functionality and quick play.
  • Eshelmen
    My VR16 Templar has daddy issues and takes his rage and anger out in Cyrodiil.
    End of his story.
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    PC and PS4 EP only player
  • dtm_samuraib16_ESO
    Love to, but I do not want to get banned for explicit (no, not sexual, no) graphical content. XD
    Earthdawn Game Master Role Play Quotes by me:
    "If it looks like a bear, if it feels like a bear, smells and tastes like a bear, then be VERY aware, it could be something ENTIRELY different..."
    "Be careful what you wish for, you might get plenty of it..."
  • jarnkoldur

    2E:543 - 2E:556

    Harsh was the world into which Maximilius Gaerl was begotten. Born within the rustic trappings of Drifa, a village carved into the wilderlands along the Cyrodil-Skyrim border, Maximilius's formulative years would be a testament to the resilience of the child who would one day become the man. Tormented by the suffering anguish of an abusive mother and ill attended by an indifferent father, Maximilius was set to acknowledge the bitter realities of the world early within his life. Distrustful and weary of his parents, he withdrew into himself and grew distant of them. This led to his often abandoning his homestead seeking refuge elsewhere. It was among the rugged and barbaric Nord communities of Drifa, in which young Maximilius found some solace. Among their youths, he was able to vent his frustrations, as their "games" always divulged into brawls and fist fights. From the Nords he learned how to fight, but more importantly how to take a beating. It was during this time, that due to Maximilius's tenacity, the Nord's bestowed upon him the title of "jarnkoldur" which translates to "little bear," a name he would associate himself with for the remainder of his days.

    2E:557 - 2E:572

    It was at the time after his mother's death, she succumbing to consumption, that Jarnkoldur felt a sincere sense of elation for the first time within his life. He bade farewell to his home and kin, his father at the time ill heeded his estranged son as he was flustered with the preparations for the ardous journey to Bravil with his young pregnant wife, and forsook Drifa to enlist within the Imperial legion to join up in the fight against the Longhouse Reachmen.

    The years following his induction into the legions would aid in sculpting and defining the man as he outgrew the role of the troubled child and refined into the Imperial soldier. Through the voracity of his determination, the temperance of his strength and an unwavering resolution he rose through the ranks of the legions with such velocity that within the closing of his second year Jarnkoldur was granted the title of 'Legionary (heavy armored soldier) of the Empire; and at the end of three years: 'Decanus (captain) of the King's Roar -a prestigious unit within the legion.

    Akatosh turns and years pass with the utterance of haste...

    Jarnkoldur felt the world soar above him as he lost control of himself and his body fell to the marbled floor below. A tumultuous gathering of emotions struggled to claim dominion of the man and he could not contend. Yet, during all of his emotional suffering, the only singular thought which repeated itself over-and-over within his mind was the fact that he recognized the corpse upon the floor: it was Ulfrier, his wife!

    "No, no need to shed a tear for that one brother she put up more of a struggle to die than what I originally given her credit for." Stated the individual known as Counselor Oldin, Halsier Oldin, unbeknownst half-brother to Jarnkoldur. Oldin brandished a cruel smile. "At least perhaps now you shall begin to understand my woes... although in truth I had never lost a lover as I have never loved... but, oh well!"

    Jarnkoldur's world was shattered within the height of Second Seed in the year of 2E:573...

    The fate of Tamriel was gripped within the turmoil of the campaigns ravaging Cyrodil. For more then thirty years Imperial forces fought against the Longhouse Reachmen Dynasty, and for over thirty years it seemed an impasse. Yet, within recent years it has become apparent that the Imperial's campaigns have begun to disturb the grip of the Longhouse Reachmen.
    In a drastic gamble to wrest control of Cyrodil, Varen Aquilarios led the Imperial armies in a full assault of the Imperial City. Through victories in a series of decisive battles and fortunate turn of events the Imperials were able to defeat the Reachmen. The war which had raged for thrity years ended with the slaying of King Leoric and the routing of the Reachmen towards Highrock.

    In the closing days of the war the Imperials, both soldiers and civilians, awaited the fortune which comes with the spoils of a victorious war and a return to a semblance of normalcy. Yet, this would not occur. Imperials soon found themselves gripped within a seige of terror, as Imperials spilt the blood of Imperials within the shadow of the White Gold Tower, as the Soulburst fell upon the Empire and Daedric swarms marched across the realm. In short; Chaos, in all of it's tumutltous desire, fell upon Cyrodil and all facets of Imperial life was affected.

    In the trappings of this troubled period Jarnkoldur soon found himself being abandoned by his superiors, his companions, and the very citizens he had sworn to protect. In an ironic twist, he was ridiculed, scorned upon and even falsely imprisoned by those whom had once held him in the highest esteem. Unbeknownst to Jarnkoldur, it would be much to late when he would come to realize that most of the ill misfortunes that occurred to him at this time was due to the machnications of another and not due to his convictions.

    Counselor Halsier Oldin saw an oppurtunity to lay low the only man whom he could claim as his brother; for they shared their father's blood. The oppurtunity Halsier realized was one he would not let falter. To explain Halsier's dire obssession with Jarnkoldur, one must just realize that this is a child whom has had to struggle for the attention of a neglectful father whom only seemed to dwell within intoxicated regret of the life he had claimed before. Burdening the responsibility of scrapping a living in order to maintain his homestead whilst taking the blunt of his alcholic father's abuse, poor Halsier kept optimistic due to his mother's wishes. She was, at the time, a frail creature who could barely burden the weight of her own body, but nevertheless Halsier loved her so.
    One bitter day, many years now past, in a drunken stupor Halsier's father took out his frustrations upon his dying wife. In this occurrence though his beatings went without restraint and his father "accidently" struck his wife dead. As her body was awashed in crimson blood Halsier's father hesitated realizing his mistake, but it was too late. As the man turned seeking forgiveness from his son he was met by Halsier who watched him with wide eyes of blank fury. Halsier killed his father with all the savagery only one suffering many years of torment could muster.

    Lamentably, his father's death did not sate his vengeance.

    In the wake of the souburst, Halsier set about with his machnications to fell Jarnkoldur and undo all of his father's influence within the world -even if it meant killing his brother. With lies and guile he poisoned Jarnkoldur's neighbors and allies against him, through manipulation he disbanded the honored regiment of the Lion's Roar and imprisoned it's members -a few he even had executed- and he had imprisoned Jarnkoldur. With his brother imprisoned, Halsier, burdening the deranged empathy one would keep for worthless creatures like rodents or maggots, murdered Jarnkoldur's wife and daughters, in the same fashion his own father killed his mother.

    Madness gripped Jarnkoldur when he, just released from his unfair imprisoment, came to learn of his family's fate. Witnessing his half-brother break, beneath the burden of his loss, Halsier thrilled at the torment Jarnkoldur suffered. In fact Halsier -after some consdoeration- allowed Jarnkoldur to live. In this he desired Jarnkoldur to be tormented for the remainder of his life, knowning all he claimed was wrenched from him and taken.

    From the Imperial City the patheticpathetic form of a broken man shambled away into the open world of Tamriel. A cur being chased from the dreariness of a falling city.

    Akatosh turns and years pass with the utterance of haste...

    2E: 582

    In the outskirts of Daggerfall traveler's arrive...
    "And when the truth finally dawns, it shall dawn in fire!"
  • mwo1480
    my main (seline kay) is a 18yo bosmer girl, she is born in auridon but when she was 7 year she traveled with her parents to skyrim where her parents got killed by bandits, she was found by an old nord hunter who took her in and trained her in hunting skills

    other char i play a lot (julia-noor) is a 16yo bosmer girl born and raised in daggerfall she likes to flirt with older man and when they fall in love with her she kills them , also she loves puppies
    every char has a story

    anne-susan ...breton sorch DC
    seline kay .... bosmer dk AD
    julia-noor ...bosmer temp DC
    elle wolf .... breton temp AD
    Mari-Lynn.... woodelf nb AD former empress
    Mari-chan... woodelf warden AD
    (and more chars)
  • bloodenragedb14_ESO

    Name: Alu Midian

    Age: 299

    Race: Altmer/Vampire

    Backstory: Alu Midian was orphaned as a child due to a reachmen attack, which killed his parents and resulted in him taken prisoner for later ritual sacrifice. Just a baby at the time, one reach witch had a moment of motherly instinct, and whisked him away to be raised in solitude in a, albiet kinder, rendition of reach ways.
    Alu's mother eventually married a passing nord Skald.

    Alu's father taught him nord ways, honor, integrity, and how to ply a silver tounge.

    Alu's mother Gifted him a near obsessive lust for arcane knowledge, imparting reach magics, and other darker knowledge.

    When Alu came of age, He became an adventurer for a time, before settling into a cult worshipping Hermeaus Mora, though for Alu it was more business arrangement, knowledge for knowledge, an even trade. After a time though, Alu left the cult, though the demon of knowledge, feeling slighted by the fact he was never truly worshiped by Alu, causes trouble for Alu from time to time.

    As Alu Pried for darker and darker Knowledge, he eventually came upon a Daedric ruin. After studying the ruin, he came upon two vampires in torpor, who awoke at his trespass. Through a long fought battle, Alu only just come out victorious, but he was unable to make it to civilization in time to cure himself of his afflicted wounds, turning him into a vampire himself, but luck was on his side, the maddening hunger that consumes to many vampires, simply did not affect his mental state as many others. He still grew hungry without blood, but the insanity of the hunger, simply did not touch him as badly as other vampire.

    Alu searched for why this was, consulting any vampire elder that would discuss with him. Eventually, through his searching, Alu found many other vampires of this seemingly random mutation. Still seeking for why, by magic or quirk of blood, They banded together to research this.

    Today Alu Studies his darker magics in secret, Assuming the part of a Guild mage. He truly wishes no ill upon the guild, even believing in its tenants in some ways. Though Alu's personal studies may clash with guild policy, he keeps them to himself, and enjoy's himself in his limited interaction with other guild mages.

    Alu's personal code of 'honor' is very flexible, given his upbringing and affliction. His fangs will never touch the flesh of an innocent, but even then Alu's definition of innocent can be Twisted. To Alu, no magic is intrinsically good or evil, He wishes to learn it all, dark or light, holy or unholy, knowledge is knowledge to Alu.

    The only ambition within Alu is the accumulation of knowledge. Alu is patient, for he has the rest of eternity.

    Edit: i have a copy of alu in every alliance, so i can attend rp evens on tesorp site's calender, so no, i dont have any faction loyalty, but my main alu is on DC
    Edited by bloodenragedb14_ESO on May 20, 2016 11:05PM
  • Iago
    That which we obtain to cheap we esteem to lightly, it is dearness only that gives everything its value.

    -Thomas Pain

  • Wrecking_Blow_Spam
    Some very cool stories. Let me start off by saying I'm not an RPer but when I made this character I had a little back story.

    He's a nord goes by the name "get me some mead"... Wasn't always the case his original name was "Brom" just Brom, he was an orphan.

    At the crack of dawn as a baby he was left at the local tavern with his name written on his forehead.

    He grow up at this tavern til the tender age of 18 and he was off to war "Glory for the PACT".

    His name "get me some mead" is his identity, upon slaying thousands at the hand of his mighty hammer his only request would be "get me some mead".

    Now aged in his early 60s he still as formidable as ever.

    Some say he's a descendant of Ysgramor.
    Xbox one EU
    8 Flawless conquerors on all class specs (4 stam, 4 magicka)
    Doesn't stand in red
  • Azzuria
    Noemi Snowborne... Khajiit raised on a farm not too far from city of Whiterun, hold of the same name, province of Skyrim, by a Nord woman who found the mewling kitten abandoned near the road and took her as one of her own. Called 'Snowpaw' by her friends and occasionally by her enemies, but only once. She drinks, she fights, she drinks, she tends a forge, drinks, fights and occasionally 'adventures', which is milk-drinker-speak for fighting when there's a goodly chance of dying.

    R'za Gra-Zun... Orc Shaman, tender of gardens and apothecary of exceptional skill. Daughter of Zun Gra-Varn, daughter of Varn Gra-Zula, Hearthwife of Chief Korag Gro-Brokal of the Darkforge Clan. Chose adventure over duty to the clan and has never looked back. Equally skilled at tending to and healing grievous wounds as inflicting them. Knowing anatomy well enough to heal also informs the choice of where to aim the fireball.

    Brunhilda Icehammer - Nord Dragonknight, 'Smith & Enchantress 'What is 'ranged? I need to hit something!!'
    Laehl Direthorn - Bosmer Nightblade, Purveyor of fine Clothes, Bows and Staves
    Reeza gra-Zuni - Orc Templar 'War Shaman' and Apothecary
    Noemi Snowpaw - Kajiit Dragon Knight - I laugh... or I'd have to kill you.
    Kitera Dreamon - Breton of The Dominion: Because those Daggers don't appreciate a great Mage.
    Lysara Shadowcroft - Dunmer Bloodmage: This will only hurt a lot.
  • Pheefs
    Oalthea Grey, Breton Field Alchemist.... she grew up in Crosswych & went to Wayrest for her studies when she was old enough. She's mischievous & sarcastic but has a good heart, she tries to do the right thing and those stories about her burning down half the Mage's Guild are malicious lies... well, malicious exaggerations anyway.
    It was only the one room, a surprise murderous scamp, her juggling colored fireballs at the time, it was almost predictable.
    & THAT everyone, is the reason they discourage Practicals in the residential wing!
    Getting out into the field was voluntary, mostly... & soon she found she was having the adventure of her life!
    But these are dangerous times, and as much as she loves the adventure, the war takes too many of her friends.
    Eventually she realized the Three Banners War is false and mostly the result of Daedric influences, and if we don't protect the world it won't matter who wins... in fact no one CAN win.

    She's pretty much a "By The Eight" type person and then Uncle Sheo helped her restore Eyvea, providing an evacuation route for any town anywhere with a mage capable of opening the portal.
    It was the first and most important example of a Daedra helping to save the world, & it opened her eyes.

    She owes a debt to the Courts of Chaos and she knows it!
    & She's had a glimpse at the Truth that neither Good or Evil can ever win completely & therefore it Chaos' job to keep it all fair.
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  • Totalitarian
    I have too much to say in simple forum posts. So, I'll just leave this stuff here which includes backstories and stories with my characters, and then a forum post in the form of letters with people:

    I hope the link works. If'll just have to wait until I'm completely done with all my writing and I get to compiling and do a final collection...which I hope is soon.
    PC NA CP 531+
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    Sola Auroron Magicka Templar
    Lunaria Chimeri Magicka Dragonknight
    The Chosen of the Storm Stamina Sorcerer
    Ward-Scales Magicka Nightblade
    Sanctius Luxen Stamina Templar
    Nerwaye Auroron Magicka Sorcerer
    Warden Vyrkyl Stamina Dragonknight
    The Ninth Adventurer Stamina Nightblade
    Magna-Sola Magicka Templar
    The Celestial Lady Magicka Templar
    Read their adventures!
    The Celestial Lady
  • kargen27
    My first main has retired from traveling and devotes his time to crafting. He just never developed the skill needed to thrive as an adventurer (I made bad choices) out in the world. While adventuring though he always told the truth and was more interested in having fun rather than saving the day. He liked to try and climb trees, the masts of ships or anything else that looked like a challenge. He was prone to get distracted from his current quest and paint (screenprint) scenes mostly involving trees and sunsets. He also liked jumping on beds in high traffic rooms and playing dead in dungeons. He would try to jump up and scare those who passed by to see if they would attack or not. Oh and he hated monkeys killing them every chance he had. Not sure why. But as I said he is a crafter now and left all that behind.

    My main now has no qualms about lying. She was born to heal but as it turns out enjoys killing. So best to be her friend and not an enemy. She is a thief, doing it just for the thrill, often trashing the items soon after stealing them. She is easily distracted by rocks, flowers, urns, chests, logs, almost anything she can pick up or look inside. She thinks a locked door just means there must be something really nice on the other side so of course she has to see what it is.
    All my characters have little quirks. Hers is she dyes her armor after every pledge, random dungeon, group trial or other group type of activity. Even if the group is planning to do both pledges she still manages to get to the dye station between events to change her armors colors. Not sure when that started happening.

    I have another character that will only wear armor he finds, and only uses food or potions he can find. That will probably change when he finishes gold? He will dye the armor though and likes really bright colors. Once he dyes his armor he sticks with that color until he drops the armor so his armor almost always is mismatched both in type and color.

    I also have a male wood elf people mistake for a lesbian. Doesn't help that his name is Shirley I Jest and he has a thing for pink armor. He doesn't get out much because he was born to the wrong faction.He has settled in as my cook and alchemist.

    My others haven't developed their personalities yet but they will.
    and then the parrot said, "must be the water mines green too."
  • Silverado
    Deep in the woods of valenwood, near the capital of EldenRoot, lived a young and flourishing hunter. Said by all to be a very kind and respectable elf. Never capable of telling a lie. But nobody knew him, not truly. It's what Falldir did while sticking to the shadows that shed light on the mer he truly was. It's not as though he purposely chose to conceal his true self. It just happened so naturally and gradually, that over time even those closest to him were completely mistaken. None of that mattered much to Falldir though. In fact, he preferred it. He was never one for gatherings or festivals; and all that chatting just made him sick. No, he was much better off being in the woods, exploring mysterious caves or hunting wild game alone. Everything Falldir had learned he had taught himself."A festival couldn't have taught me that" he often huffed after pulling a rude arrow from the center of a deers' left eye. The only time Falldir ever liked being around people was when they needed his expertise. Which was often, being that the closest gaurds were almost a days walk away. Helping people, he found, presented him challenges and opportunies he couldn't have gotten otherwise. Plus, there was often enough gold involved. Initially, this is what pulled him far from his homeland years later. But despite his usual habit of heeding to the calls and beckons of troubled villagers, Falldir had his secrets. Oh yes, secrets had anyone known about they would have thought twice about calling on him for aid. You see, after years and years of continuous hunting falldir had developed something of a light step. Not so very different than that of a senche tiger stalking its prey. Had he so desired he could have easily moved within range close enough to relieve any unsuspecting visitors of their valuables. But Falldir had a much more resolute purpose for his slender toes. Bandits and cutthroats were always camped just a few miles from his small village. And while he would admit to not being so enthusiastic about the place, it was his home and he vowed to protect it. So night after night Falldir would sneak into their camps and slit their throats while they were sleeping. And though he always ignored the thought of it, he knew it was a fine line between being a hero and a cold blooded assassin. To this day he can be found, out protecting the many other towns and villages of tamriel.
    (this is just a portion of my toons' background story. His other secrets include being a thief and a werewolf...Though he'll never steal from places that remind him of his own home.)
    Ps4 NA Aldmeri Dominion
    Wood Elf 310 CP
    Aldmeri Trading Co Guild

  • SkoomaAddict420
    Mi'Jai is a Khajitt who was left an orphan when his traveling parents who were bards and circus foke were killed while traveling through Glenumbra to Daggerfal for their next gig. Mi' jai being only 8 still managed to survive the wilderness until he was 10 when a Orc woman found him in the woods while she chopped wood and took him in.

    Mi' jai's Orc mother lived in a small wooded community now over ran by the undead. Mi'Jai grew up around Breton children and developed a speech pattern simular to theirs instead of him using words in sentence speeking in third person (This one, likes you.) or ( Mi' jai loves chopping wood.) he simple talks like a Breton.

    When he grew up. Mi' jai joined the Daggerfal guard and then he got into a situation he couldn't handle and lost his soul...
  • Stranglehands
    Blanchette Montclair, high-born of Northpoint, was a godly woman once. But her house has been cold of late, and she keeps the sigil of Arkay in her drawing-room turned to face the wall.
    .kcoR gnillaF si noitadnuoF esohw ETIYREP oT
  • Pendrillion
    I usually play my main (Dunmer DK) as a Blacksmith and Ore Trader from Davons Watch, who used to lodge with the Avanis, (pre justice system the house was empty) to tend to their guar and supply the Avani Family with the much needed ore and materials for their forge. He has some past in a Redoran Regiment in Ebonheart, back when the Akaviri invaded. His ancestry goes back to a now lost Ashlander Tribe. He was orphaned and then raised outside of Morrowind until he came of age. That explains his not very Dunmeri Name. For now he strives to make his wife happy and have some coin in the bank. Also someday he wishes to found a cross pact trading Caravan who runs supplies from Stormhold to Windhelm and experiences all sorts of things on their way back and forth. (As an RP Guild idea)

    I also have an Argonian Sorcerer who used to be a slave in my mains wifes household, but was set free by the new pact legislature. He was usually treated well and now decided to stay with the family and help out in various capacities.

    Those are two of my toons who I actively roleplay. There are also some chars of my GF who play some roles. Often we write letters per mail to each other to notify each other of our latest exploits. Or as update from our alts to the mains. Etc... :)
    Edited by Pendrillion on May 22, 2016 6:44PM
  • Korah_Eaglecry
    Ive posted this in a similar thread but Ill repost it here. This isnt the backstory of just my main but summaries of each of the 8 characters I have so far.

    Im currently working on the back stories of the other four Ill be creating here soon.

    Korith - is a gold loving mercenary captain in a company of sellswords. Raised in the lowlands of Whiterun as a commoner, Korith was never satisfied with the idea of farming the land his father worked so that some fat noble and lording jarl could take the kingshare of his efforts. Korith felt a Nord should do as the Nords have always done. Drink copious amounts of meade, bed bar wenches, fight and kill, conquer and cut out an empire of their own, chase treasure and die long before you get so old you could no longer hold a sword and shield. So when Korith was old enough he set out on his own. Eventually falling in with a sellsword company that was recruiting for a new contract they had won. He would go on to fight in numerous conflicts including King Ransers War in 2E 566 at the young age of 16. He can often be found drunk in a tavern or in the bed of women of ill repute. Oddly enough Korith styles himself some sort of knight. Though he shows little in the way of honor and dignity one might expect of a knight. He fights dirty and to no ones knowledge ever even attempted to save a damsel in distress. With all of this said, Korith now 32 as of 2E 582 has climbed the ranks of the company to become one of its captains. Distinguishing himself as one of the toughest members of the company with no one questioning his bravery and ferocity.

    Enrerion - is a long standing member of the same company of sellswords. Over 200 years old he is one of the oldest members of the company and serves as one of the companys many mages. A highborne Altmer who once participated in the early years of the Mages Guilds expansion across Tamriel. Enrerion doesnt speak much of what lead him to the company but what is known is that he has a taste for the finer things in life. Things a typical Mages Guild member would not be able to afford otherwise. Rumors from sources within the Mages Guild claim Enrerion was guilty of selling blacklisted potions, enchantments, ancient artifacts that somehow never made it onto Mages Guild ledgers and magical knowledge to anyone that was willing to pay the exuberant price. And that he was known to overcharge for the actual services the Mages Guild did provide. Only to skim off the top and list the sale in ledgers as much less. For all the rumors Enrerion is especially gifted with magic. He's known to be one of the more powerful members of the company and is regularly approached to handle such matters that may arise dealing with magic.

    Laerinel - has been a wandering thief and at times assassin. She was picked up by Koriths sellsword company during a visit to Eastmarch. She had been betrayed by one of her handlers during a contract to assasinate Thane Jeggi and was in the cells awaiting her beheading. The sellsword company had just entered into negotiations for a contract to enter Cyrodiil under the Ebonheart Pacts Banner when Gallisten, another captain in the company, acquired her release. She would have to serve as a scout and assassin for the company or face the executioner. This was back in 2E 580 when the Three Banners War was just beginning. At first Laerinel was reluctant to work for the company but eventually warmed up to the idea when she realized how much she could make as a sellsword during a time of war. For all the gold and treasures shes secured over the years with the company Laerinel still falls back into her old ways often enough that Korith has threatened to behead her himself. Shes no longer allowed to accompany company leaders to secure contracts as shes been caught pickpocketing and even at least once known to have collected on an assassination contract while on company business. Both Gallisten and Korith now keep a close eye on her out of fear she may stir up trouble for them with potential employers. Going as far as randomly tossing her belongings after discovering the possible use of skooma with a Khajiit that went by the name of Powdered Paws. While Laerinel can be known as the typical Bosmer troublemaker amongst her fellow sellswords. Shes one of the best scouts and archers in the company. And often leads scouting parties and has on occasion been tasked with the assassination of enemy leaders.

    Caius - was once a battlemage with the Imperial Legion before being framed by a fellow battlemage by the name of Idareth. Idareth was a son of one of the nobleman in Cyrodiil and had up to that point failed to make much of himself that his birth right and privilege hadnt already gained him. He saw Caius as a threat and once they found themselves competing for the same promotion. Idareth set out to frame Caius for necromancy and Daedra worship (this is prior to the rule of Emperor Leovic and the legalization of Daedra worship in Cyrodiil). Caius was quickly expelled from the Legion and cast out of Cyrodiil. He would eventually fall in with pirates before a battle with Maomer scarred him for life and left him for dead on a beach in Elsweyr. His burned and broken body would be taken to some monks at a monastery belonging to Mara. After long reflection and soul searching while recovering from his wounds he came to the decision to put his gift of magic to good use as a healer. Caius would spend the next 10 years studying and praying to Mara at the monastery. But he never felt comfortable there and he would eventually leave the monastery to roam Cyrodiil during the early months of the Three Banners War healing any fallen soldier he came upon. At some point he came upon Gallisten who was severely injured and left for dead. After patching Gallisten up enough for travel. Caius accompanied Gallisten back to the companys campsite just outside of the Northern Morrowind Gate. Caius would remain on with the company as a healer and cook. Often joining Korith and Laerinel on scouting missions. Out of all of the sellswords Caius seems the most out of place amongst the ex criminals, brigands and treasure chasers. His biggest vice would be drinking but he still cant hold a candle to Koriths alcoholism. If there is any skeletons in this mans closet. Its the things that he did while pirating. All of which he has left behind except in his nightmares.

    Tenarei - is a recent recruit to the company and the cousin of Laerinel. A Tree Witch back in Malabal Tor, Tenarei grew up in the wild. While she wasnt outwardly shunned by her own clan most of her time was spent alone with the Green as she preferred it over contact with others. She would eventually discover her affinity for magic and begin studying anything she could get her hands on regarding the subject. She spent countless hours honing her abilities through trial and error. To finance her self teaching and search for new books and resources she began healing minor ailments and injuries. Quickly becoming known amongst her clan as the Tree Witch of Valeguard. But things would change for her when the Aldmeri Dominion began arriving in larger numbers in Velyn Harbor. Quiet rumors of Tenarei using dark magic practices that once kept the local Bosmer entertained quickly became a concern for local Thalmor Officials. Tenarei left Malabal Tor and sought out her cousin after Fists of the Thalmor began hunting her for supposed crimes against the Eight. Tenarei had long known of Laerinels exploits with the sellsword company and decided to seek her out. After months of travel aboard ship and caravans Tenarei would finally run into Laerinel and the company in the Rift. There Gallisten would sign her on as a hedge mage and placed her with Korith as one of his scouts. In the short time that Tenarei has been with the company shes proven herself to be a talented archer and scout. Shes still quite green when it comes to fighting but has shown great promise with her use of offensive magicka and restoration.

    Dazsh Ro Kar - the aging mercenary and healer has been with the company longer then both Gallisten and Korith. Dazsh has never shown an interest in leadership but has on occasion lead the company in the midst of some of the fiercest battles the company has ever been part of. Due to the fact that no one currently leading or participating in the company has been around longer then Dazsh. Little is known of where he comes from or his full story. When pressed for details he can often be secretive and misleading. Telling one person a story that almost always contradicts what hes told another. And when hes not out scouting or fighting he spends the majority of his time amongst other Khajiit in the company. The few times hes been in taverns with Korith and others hes quickly been kicked out under suspicions of being a thief and skooma peddler. Though no ones ever seen him with stolen goods or skooma within the company. He is often quite misleading as to what the exact details were that lead to him being removed from these taverns and his Khajiiti companions have a known history of skooma use and thievery. For all the mystery surrounding Dazsh what is known about him is his bravery and fearlessness in the face of great danger.

    Aban - the historian and mage is also a former member of the Mages Guild. While he is no where near as powerful a mage as Enrerion, he is probably far more knowledgeable about magic then most of the mages within the company. Aban has struggled to adapt to the lifestyle of a sellsword and has spent most of his time acting as a company historian and clerk rather than actually doing any fighting. Typically he remains behind to tend to the camp when the company marches out to meet the enemy. And while generally regarded as a coward among some more loose lipped members of the company Aban has come to gain the respect of Gallisten, Korith and the other company captains through his invaluable knowledge of magic and the history of many of the locations the company visits. Most of his time has been spent reading and memorizing books on magic and the histories of Tamriel. He can be quite skittish around blood and has been known to cower when fighting has broke out. Hes rightly earned the nickname the Book Mage as hes been rarely seen using magic and rumors abound among some that he has no actual affinity for it. Coward or not, he has proven himself to the company through his ability to advise the captains on everything from magical artifacts, drawing up binding contracts and his salesmanship to potential employers. Gallisten is said to never approach a future employer without the Book Mage in tow.

    Kheshna - the Black Orc is the companys Quartermaster. Her nickname was given to her because of her black armor and rumored black heart. She is quite hot headed and has been known to start brawls with other members of the company for no other reason than shes in a fighting mood. They often put her on the leading edge of attacks because of her ferocity in battle. Kheshna is one of the most dangerous members of the company and has killed atleast three active members. The first one was dismissed as self defense when it came to light he had entered her tent in a drunken stupor. The second and third kills were much more ambiguous or outright questionable. But Korith has been known to stand up for her and at times refuse to let the others remove her from the company. Its rumored that they are lovers but its advisable not to bring this up to Korith especially when he is drunk. As one might end up with a tankard to the side of the head. And no one is brave or dumb enough to say such things in front of Kheshna when she has been known to have killed men for less. While Kheshna might seem as if shes a raging mammoth in Orc skin. She is not always as unapproachable as many might lead newcomers to believe. Shes the daughter of a deposed Chieftain and exile from her own clan. Raised in the shadow of the once ruins of Orsinium. Her father, though an outcast by the time of her arrival, showed her little love, was often abusive and treated her as if she wasnt worthy of the Traghar if the name had any worth anyway. Before her 13th birthday the Orc that had exiled her father showed up in her encampment. Her father hadnt actually been exiled but fearing death at the hands of his challenger had somehow slipped away after being severely injured. The man that had often claimed to have been betrayed and had his clan stolen from him by cowards turned out to be the true coward. She watched her miserable father die that day only to be spared by her fathers killer if she left Wrothgar forever. Giving her a days head start he chased her mercilessly for five days and four nights before she reached the border of Stormhaven. With the roar of bear mounts and Orc berserker screams behind her she was nearly cut down by the Breton guards in front of her only to be saved by a knight that just so happened to have been inspecting the embattlements at that particular border crossing. From the arms of the knight with eyes full of tears and rage Kheshna swore to never be so weak again and live a life of bravery her father could never muster.
    Penniless Sellsword Company
    Captain Paramount - Jorrhaq Vhent
    Korith Eaglecry * Enrerion Aedihle * Laerinel Rhaev * Caius Berilius * Seylina Ithvala * H'Vak the Grimjawl
    Tenarei Rhaev * Dazsh Ro Khar * Yynril Rothvani * Bathes-In-Coin * Anaelle Faerniil * Azjani Ma'Les
    Aban Shahid Bakr * Kheshna gra-Gharbuk * Gallisten Bondurant * Etain Maquier * Atsu Kalame * Faulpia Severinus
    What is better, to be born good, or to overcome your evil nature through great effort? - Paarthurnax
  • ankhor8
    Born 2E 545, 8 First Seed. I was abnormally born two months before my egg siblings, under the sign of the Lord. Raised amongst Kota-Vimleel. As a hatchling, I initially grew in the marsh. I was a natural alchemist with an inclination for combat. I left the protection of the pack to explore, harvest, and taste test plants. While out I saw a fellow scale skin being captured by elven slavers. My intent to help resulted in my capture.
    My first suckling of sap as a hatchling caused my veins to pulse grow and glow. I was told the story of my veins as hatchling and decided to call myself Tree-Blood during my captivity. Tree-Blood is a foreign style name since i was captured before my naming day and remember little jel.
    I have two egg-brothers and an egg-sister that I have grown with. Although I was mostly a loner because i was born two months earlier then them, my one egg-brother admired me from a distance, since he was mostly away in Shadowscale development. The few times he returned to the marsh, it seemed as though it was specifically to meet me. He often stated things about my experiences that only I knew. Although it was unknown to me how exactly he knew these things, I trusted him and was at ease with the fact.
    He was a leader of sorts and had another of our brothers follow him around closely, mimicing him. I often thought about how my capture affected him, yet knowing he had our family reassured me he would be well.
    After nine years of survivng captivity in Tel Aruhn, I seized the opportunity to escape when a Ra-Gada pirate unit attacked the telvanni stronghold. I happened to harpoon a Dunmer necromancer that resurrected a recently killed pirate to attack the ship captain. As a result, she welcomed my presence on board. Of course, the past four years of the khahaten flu effecting Tamriel made her and her crew wary of accepting me, yet the fact that I saved her life and honor(since killing a Ra-Netu would be dishonorable) outweighed that concern. Being in and on the sea allowed me to once again develop my aquatic attributes and sparring with the Ra-Gada helped me train in armed combat. Ideally I prefer hand-to-claw combat with little to no gear, yet in this climate, I have mastered Heavy armor with a blunt two handed maul. For agile pleasure I switch to my poison and diseased dual wielded hammers.
    ANKHOR was a title given to me by the Ra-Gada because of my ability to stay well rooted, stable and pivotal in principle as well as combat, like the anchors they use so frequently. M.S.F. is an acronym for their sea clan. I have carried these as a sign of respect, while insuring they were always reminded of my firm allegiance to my hatch-ling brethren.
    After eight years of travelling, training and learning their ways, I returned to my leel. The signing of the daggerfall convenant and the Akaviri invasion changed the environment of the Ra-Gada and the seas. It was a wise period to depart and aligned with the events following. I returned only days when I was fortunate enough to be apart of General Keshu the Black Fins and Heita-Meens Shellback movement north. We clearly changed the balance of the combat and seemed to surprise the Akaviri as much as Dunmer. General Keshu and Heita-Meen were impressive leaders. One was more strategic and decisive while the other was more raw and immediate. Although officially, Almalexia granted us freedom by abolishing slavery, we were already in the act of taking and claiming for ourself.
    Although my Hist connection had mostly dissolved over the fifteen years of absence, my bodies ability to absorb the sap as it swells in my veins, allowed me some degree of faintly hearing the whisper after six years of rigorous effort to rekindle it. The SoulBurst drastically aligned my essence to that of the Hist and my egg kin.
    I have always been for my Marsh egg kin. Meeting my hatchling siblings was a very agreeable experience. Hearing Kota-Sax-Blood tell me about his Shadowscale years and his developed magic abilities has been endarkening.
    My brother was put in a deep sleep following the Soulburst. At times his body faded in and out of an electrical state, so we keep him in a canopy elevated from water. He met me in my dreams, or more like we shared them. We toured a Marsh similar yet different than our own. With stuctures different then the Xanmeer, yet with a population organized like the men and mer. In addition, there were strict rules distinguishing our Black Marsh leel from the other Tamriel inhabitants. We both were very inspired by this vision and took note that the name these Saxhleel claimed was An-Xileel.
    There have been deadric anchor like structures falling from the sky and deadra appearing out of minor portal type lights. In addition, the ebonheart pack is now engaged in a war with other Tamriel men and mer. I may now end up fighting my Ra-Gada brethren from years back. Regardless of my respect for their contribution to my present state, all who verse my Saxhleel kin will submit or perish.
    I will begin exploring and guarding our lands more in the following days. If Kota-Sax-Blood remains sleep, i will leave him to the care of our Raj and egg-siblings. I will begin my travels at White Rose Prison.
    Ankhor MSF Tree-Blood
    Kota-Sax-Blood of True An-Xileel
    Psn community page: An-Xileel
    Seth Salute
  • BenLocoDete
    Vilerus is an imperial son of an once famous clothier from Skingrad. He grew up without ever feeling the need of doing anything, as the situation his father had in the city granted the family plenty of coin and advantages. Baerus, father of Vilerus was the best clothier in the Gold Coast, and would often take up contracts from not only Kvatch and Anvil nobles but also from the Imperial City.

    Skingrad was strongly fortified and its guard militia numerous enough to resist the threats of the war, but as it prolonged, citizens grew more and more concerned about it, and so did the family of Vilerus.

    The pushing struggle within the Imperial City forced new contracts and distinct economy decisions, and out of a sudden, clothiers from the southern provinces started to take advantage in the imperial contracts, affecting Baerus directly. He could not accept that less talented clothiers were taking over his job and as frustration took place, started drinking. At the time, his wife, mother of Vilerus fell ill to an unknown disease and died shortly after. This aggravated the family situation as things started to derail real quickly.

    Vilerus, unhappy with his father behavior of late, became more and more aggressive and during the nights, would roam the streets robbing citizens and breaking into stores to get money. The count of Skingrad, who still had some respect for Baerus, called his friend upon the castle to report Vilerus crimes.

    Completely out of his mind, Baerus ran back home and attacked Vilerus with so much fury his son had to fight back for his life, ending up stabbing his own father for self-defense or maybe exceeded reaction. By the time he realized his act, the guards were banging at the door and breaking in.

    Vilerus was dragged to the Skingrad dungeons where he spent a few weeks before taken along several others prisoners in a convoy to the Imperial dungeons.
  • SantieClaws
    Khajiit wears a size five boots. The favourite fish is salmon. The favourite colour it is red. The favourite drink is all of them - sometimes together.

    Yours with paws
    Santie Claws
    Shunrr's Skooma Oasis - The Movie. A housing video like no other ...
    Find it here -

    Clan Claws - now recruiting khajiit and like minded others for parties, fishing and other khajiit stuff. Contact this one for an invite.

    PAWS (Positively Against Wrip-off Stuff) - Say No to Crown Crates!
  • Eirikir
    Erik Flameheart was a soldier in the Imperial Legion for almost 20 years. He retired and moved home a year or so before the Soulburst.

    He is a blacksmith and business man now. Smithing runs in his clan, as does an affinity for magically controlling fire. This power has no combat value, but is what makes the Flamehearts such good smiths. Precise control of the heat in the forge allows them to produce strong and detailed weapons

    Family legend says they got this power from a dragon, but family legends tend to be BS. In my headcanon many generations back a Dark Elf married into the line. The racist nature of Nords saw that fact to morph into a dragon in the story.

    I have great fun with him.
    Server: PS4-NA
    PSN: Eirikir
    Name: Eirikir "Erik" Kololf
    Alliance: Ebonheart Pact
    Race: Nord (Lycanthrope)
    Class: Dragonknight (Range DPS)
    Playstyle: Crafter, PVE, PVP, Roleplayer
  • Totalitarian
    I thought I should provide an update. I've finished writing my latest works, and have finished compiling them, and now I need to do a final proofread. Then it'll all be done.
    PC NA CP 531+
    Aedric Fury Sits Around Doing Nothing
    Sola Auroron Magicka Templar
    Lunaria Chimeri Magicka Dragonknight
    The Chosen of the Storm Stamina Sorcerer
    Ward-Scales Magicka Nightblade
    Sanctius Luxen Stamina Templar
    Nerwaye Auroron Magicka Sorcerer
    Warden Vyrkyl Stamina Dragonknight
    The Ninth Adventurer Stamina Nightblade
    Magna-Sola Magicka Templar
    The Celestial Lady Magicka Templar
    Read their adventures!
    The Celestial Lady
  • UltimaJoe777
    I am Ninja. I must always practice the art of invisibility.

    *uses Shadow Cloak*
    Guildmaster of Power With Numbers in PS4 NA Server's Aldmeri Dominion.
    Proud Founder of the Yaysay cult! DOWN WITH THE NAYSAY CULT!! #ToxicRemedy
  • Monahven
    Soul Shriven
    Jo'ahna Sahir remembers nothing from her life before she was sacrificed to Molag Bal and woke up soulless in Coldharbour.
    She watched her parents slowly turn into mindless, feral soul shriven and developed a deep hatred for Molag Bal and his minions. Somehow she managed to stay somewhat sane herself until a huge furless nord woman unlocked the door to her cell and led her out of Coldharbour.

    After falling out of the sky and landing somehwere in the territory belonging to the Daggerfall Covenant, she made her way to Abah's Landing in Hew's Bane and joined the Thieve's Guild. Being born under the sign of the Shadow she has a natural affinity to everything stealthy so it just seemed natural to become a thief and Hew's Bane became her new chosen home.
    She also quite enjoys the thrill of adventure and spelunking through dungeons and old ruins.

    A big group of good friends has become her new family and within this group she found her life mate, the ninja-assassin Krin "Bageehra" Ri'Dar to whom she bound herself through the Pledge of Mara. She is now happier than she can remember ever being but she will never forget what happened to her parents and who was responsible for it.

    Being a thief, Jo is somewhat selfish and not the stereotypical "Robin Hood" type of thief. However, when it comes to her friends and chosen family she is fiercely loyal and would do anything for them.
    She does not care too much about politics and the different factions in the war but she has accepted that she is a part of it and will help out her friends if they choose to fight for King and Covenant.

    (I have made a Twitter account for this character where I post screenshots with occasional in-character commentary:
    Server: PC NA

    Screenshots and little bits of RP:

    Rajhin's luck be with you, walker.
  • Seract
    Feveran is of the Imperial race. Abandoned in her young age, she was cared for by an elven couple living in a rural town. Her memories are vague of the once supreme ruling lineage, her first family, that governed her once peaceful home. And now, after Molag Bal forcefully ripped Feveran from that quaint high elf community, her new dreams were too torn into vain fragments.
    She now ventures across Dominion lands, hoping to find happiness in these hopeful lands.
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