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Has no Scales, Has no Sense and Leaves no Trace. (Rewrite)

One day an Argonian sorceress named Has no Sense found the bodies of two dead Khajiit laying just on the border of Blackmarsh. She was going to leave as she wasn't a necromancer and couldn't bring them back to life (the idea of Khajiit Zombies running around Blackmarsh didn't seem like a good idea to her anyway). She turned to leave and noticed a small tail sticking out from under a bush not sure if it belonged to something alive or dead, she stomped on it to see if it would move. A yowl emanated from the bushes and scared her very badly. After gathering her breath she reached down and pulled the little beast up by the tail and raised it so she could look at it eye to eye, the whole while the Khajiit child was struggling and yowling very loudly, wanting to put an end to the fight she dropped it in her bag to spare herself it's claws and to muffle its cries.

When she arrived home her husband, a big lumbering brute named Leaves no Trace, dumped the contents of her sack on the table expecting to find some dinner in there. Or maybe something he could use at the forge.

"What is this?!" he exclaimed surprised by the whimpering Khajiit that lay before him.

"It's our new child" she replied simply

"Have you no sense, he has no scales!" he bellowed "He is a Khajiit!" Leaves no Trace had no real love of the filthy feline race. They were crafty devious thieves and con artists.

"That's a good name." Has no Sense replied as she busied herself making the child a place to sleep

"What's a good name?" Leaves no Trace said more than a little confused.

"Why Has no Scales of Course" she said looking at him a little bewildered herself. She was called Has no Sense after all mainly because it didn't take much to confuse her.

After many long hours of arguing with Has no Sense, Leaves no Trace realized he was doomed to raise a cat so he dropped the matter and went out into the swamp with his battle axe looking for something to vent his rage on.

Five years after this Has no Scales was with his father as he busied himself about the local market doing some shopping. He sent Has no Scales out with some coin of his own so he could buy himself whatever he felt he needed. What he really wanted to do was learn to work the forge with his father Leaves no Trace but he was very seldom permitted into the workshop. As he was browsing the various stalls he came across a set of beautiful swords. His father had taught him some things about weapons but the swords his father made were not nearly as artistic as these.

"And who is this one?" A young voice said with a small giggle.

Has no Scales startled from his daze turned and stood just shoulder height to a young Khajiit female. He stared not sure what to make of her.

"Has some one stolen your tongue?" she teased. "This one is called Aziira."

"My name is Has no Scale's," he said "I did not mean to be rude but you startled me is all"

He felt really, weird and he didn't know why, he had heard tales of Khajiit but had never actually met one before and he assumed this must be the problem.

"Are you new to the caravan?"

Scales looked at her not quite comprehending the question at first.

"No I live here, in the swamp with my parents."

"This one did not know Khajiit lived in the swamps of Blackmarsh."

"I am not Khajiit I am an Argonian"

Upon hearing this Aziira broke into uncontrollable laughter. "This one thinks he is Argonian

This angered Has no Scales greatly, but even more so it embarrassed him, and made him feel ashamed so he took off at a run looking for his father.

Aziira watched him run and felt bad, and after he was out of sight she went and got her father to tell him of the strange boy she met at the market.

Scales found his father buying materials for the forge. Has no Scales knew he did not look like his parents at all and the encounter with the Khajiit female made this even more evident. They had beautiful shiny scales and all he had was a covering like a skeever. so he asked his father about this.

"Father, why do I have no scales?"

"Because your mother has no sense" he stated in a matter of fact way
"What do you mean?" he asked.

"You see your mother dabbles in magic every now and again and one of her spells backfired and turned you into a cat" He said. Although he had grown to tolerate the cat he still disliked it enough to have some fun at Scales expense.

Has no Scales looked at his father wanting to question him more but he decided it was for the best to let the subject drop. He believed his father after all why would anyone lie about that? He wasn't mad at his mother who was always kind and at least he knew what had happened.

Later that night A Khajiit male crept up on the hut shared by the family. Those Argonians truly had a young Khajiit child living with them and had most assuredly killed his parents to get him. Now that his Daughters story was verified the only thing left to do was to take the child back to Khenarthi's roost where he could live with his own kind. So he went back and had his brother and daughter start packing the wagon.

The next morning Has no Scales emerged from the house and climbed a hist tree and began playing his flute from a branch maybe 6 or seven feet off the ground.

"You play well young one" The Khajiit merchant said.

Scales stopped playing looked down at him warily. "May I help you?" he inquired.

"yes you see my daughter would like to apologize for yesterday, she could not come herself but she has sent this letter hoping it would suffice." He held the letter out to Has no Scales.

"leave it there on that rock and then leave my father dislike Khajiit and will most likely kill you if he finds you here trying to steal his goods.

The Khajiit bowed, set the letter down and disappeared into the tree line. When he was out of sight Scales got down and went to retrieve the letter. The next thing he knew a bag was tossed over his head and he was being hauled away. He screamed for his mother and father.

Leaves no Trace heard the noise and looked out the window and saw his sons flute laying in the ground by the tree where he often played. He went outside to insect the area and noticed adult Khajiit tracks. He knew this was his chance to be rid of the Khajiit forever but he also knew his wife would never get over the loss. So he went into his workshop and grabbed his battle axe from its rack and began following the tracks.

Has no Scales calmed down a bit and remembered he had his dagger in his belt so he began to carefully cut the lining of a sack. He had felt himself being tossed into what must have been a wagon and as he freed his head he could see he was right. There was a collection of goods in the back with him and thee beside him were the swords he was admiring in the market. He replaced his dagger in his belt picked one up to defend himself if he must and then jumped out of the back of the wagon and began to run down the road.

"Father" He heard Azirra exclaim, "The confused one is escaping." The wagon came to a halt and the two male Khajiit began to pursue Has no Scales.

Hearing their footfalls draw closer he turned with the sword raised.

"What will you do with this young one? will you cut this one down"

"If I have to he said swinging the sword and almist slicing open Aziira's father.

Aziira's father's face twisted in rage. "N'wah, ill teach you respect!" he snarled as the two adults closed in. Aziira's uncle was just close enough to grab him when he felt the sword pass through him. Scales let go of the sword and began to run again.

Dashing into the woods he was sure he had lost the Khajiit when he turned and leaned against a rock to catch his breath.

"Now this one has you, and you will never leave this spot the Khajiit said approaching with it's own sword drawn now.

Scales closed his eyes and prayed to the hist for aid.

"The gods can not help you now boy" Aziira's father teased with his final words

Scales opened his eyes just in time to see the Khajiit splitting in two as hs Fathers battle axe made its way from head to pelvis.

"You've got chores to do son lets go home," Leaves no Trace said, "and do us both a favor and do not let your mother know of this, or she is liable to never let you go to market again."

Scales looked up at his father and agreed "Agreed"

"I will need you to be able to go to buy supplies as tomorrow you will start your apprenticeship at the forge, I am getting to old to do it all myself.

As the years went by news of the troubles from across Tamriel made it to the small family and just before the Has no Scales 20th birthday his father pulled him aside.
“Son the world is a dangerous place just now but it could get better one day.” He said as he led Has no Scales outside.

“It’s true that it’s illegal for the Dunmer to enslave us, but they still despise us and would enslave us again if they could. The Highelves of the Dominion are no better because far too many of them think themselves better than all and they would grind all of the species of the world under their heel if they could.” He looked at his son a with a half-smile.

“What can we do about it?” Has no Scales asked worried about what the answer would be.

“Travel to Daggerfall join the covenant and help them defeat those who would enslave us.” After he was done speaking Leaves no Trace opened a small shed behind their hut revealing a suit of armor and two swords “Take these and go.” He said with a twinge of sadness in his voice

“But you will be alone, with mother dead and me gone.” Has no Scales Protested.

“I will be fine I am just an old Argonian no one will bother me here and it will do me good to know you are safe. “

“I am not going!” Has no Scales protested.

Anger shot across Leaves no Trace’s face as he gave Has no Scales a mighty whack with his tail. When he Khajiit was younger a tail smack would send him flying and was always a suitable punishment, but nowdays all it did was make him take a step or two back grumbling. “You will go, and there you will be safe. Come inside eat dinner and sleep you have a long day ahead of you tomorrow.”

The next morning Has no Scales woke up early he wanted to go hide before his father could make him leave but the hut was empty. Leaves no Trace was nowhere to be found. There was a note on the Table and a small bag.

The time for you to leave has come. The bag contains 650 gold to help you on your journey. You can als take my horse Runs like Honey .Be safe, and when the fighting is over come back for a visit.
Leaves no Trace.

P.S. Be careful when trading with Khajiits they cannot be trusted as I am sure you remember quite well

Knowing he had no other choice Has no Scales Put on his armor took his gold and set out for Daggerfall.

That which we obtain to cheap we esteem to lightly, it is dearness only that gives everything its value.

-Thomas Pain

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