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[XB1][NA][Trading] - RG Trade Co is Recruiting Members!

RG Trade Co is a sister Guild of Rogue's Gallery. We currently have a trader located in Malabal Tor and we're looking for new members to help increase sales and to provide a consistent location(s) for those that are in constant need of getting rid of their treasures!

- Currently No Weekly Fees!
- We try to supply a trader every week
- Weekly giveaways, prizes and contests!
- Do your best not to undercut
- If it's not posted, set your price at your discretion
- Open to all players regardless of their Alliance

Note: For any of our EP brothers and sisters looking for a main PvE/PvP guild, we're also recruiting for that.

For Trade Guild Invites: Message GT: "ILLESTGLIDER"
For PvE/PvE Guild Invites: Message GTs: "Dr Sweetazz" or "WalkerBoh1971"
Rogue's Gallery (EP)(NA)(XB1)

Proud Member and Officer
We’re recruiting for our ESO (Xbox One) Chapter
ESO Application: Apply Here
TF Guild Page:
Character List
"Varyn Wryn" cp427 Nord Templar (Magicka DPS/Healer)
"Maelis Artorius" cp427 Redguard Dragonknight (Stamina DPS)
"Arius the Shade" cp427 Khajiit Nightblade (Stamina DPS)
"Astalor Bloodsworn" Level 7 Altmer Sorcerer (Magicka DPS)
    Come join us and help fight the "price fixing" major guilds! We are growing rapidly but need all the support we can get.
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