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The Ebonblades and Mystical Beasts Pact NA Server Guilds Recruiting! Details Within

The EbonBlades

A guild for the Pact's fiercest and most loyal fighters, it's a casual guild that focuses on PvE, dungeon delving and general camaradierie, as well as PvP in Cyrodill taking keeps and resources for the Pact. If you have questions or would like to join, hit up Guildmaster DHG Dalaran.

Mystical Beasts

A Pact guild for Argonian and Khajiiti mages. These races have weathered scorn and slavery for generations, but with the founding of the Pact they are now free, and more than a few of either race possess some form of inherent magical ability. Mystical Beasts seeks to unite all of the Argonian and Khajiit mages of the Pact under one banner with the purpose of showing Tamriel we of the beast races are more than just primitive savages, lowly thieve or skooma addicts. It is also a casual guild focusing on PvE, dungeon delving, etc. But it also focuses on the gathering of knowledge like Crafting Motifs, rare and valuable artifacts and materials, and high-level gear to be researched and broken down. We'll also dabble in PvP on occasion, if only to gain ourselves a Keep and Resources to use as a base of oporations for our Cyrodiilic endeavours. Hit up Guildmaster SWJS for questions or to join.
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