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New guild forming (House of Hybrids) Xbox 1

Soul Shriven

<House Of Hybrids>
Ebonheart Alliance (Xbox One)

About Us-
We are a house of union between Vamps and Wolfs. A Upcoming house with the power of Vamps and ferocity of Wolfs. We settle all inter specie disputes and maintain balance among every fang and claw. We RP, Raid, PVP, PVE, Craft, Run Dungeons, and Socialize. Seriously We only want people who socialize!

Why join Us?
We are a new guild but we are active everyday. When u join u have the option to become a wolf or Vamp for Free 0_o. We will help u lvl even if ur a noob. We can craft u better gear. The Enviorment is guaranteed to be fun

Of course there is a ranking system. Offerings must be made and all guild rules must be followed but the infection is guaranteed.


Vamps. | Rank | Wolfs
Highlord. | Guild Leaders | Alpha
Nobles. | Officers. | Beta
BloodFiend. | Members. | Juveniles
Fledglings | New Members. | Pups

This is a Roleplaying guild so u can address higher ranking members with M'lord/M'lady Sir/Madam Up to you.

If U want to join Our House msg me in game or on my gamer tag if I'm not online. Keep in mind we are a brand new guild just recently founded

Gamer tag : Junior12109
System: Xbox One
Alliance: EbonHeart
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