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Elven Kingdom (Elves Only Preferably WoodElves)

Soul Shriven

Hello, Welcome to Elven Kingdom Recruitment Topic.


First i would like to introduce myself, I am a Experienced Leader from games like RS/WoW/etc.., I am a friendly, amazing, chill guy. I love playing Xbox as well i was a MLG Player in the Halo Series in 2008-10 for primary Halo 3. I just started Elder Scroll and i love it! I love Elves, so i am a Wood Elf. So this Kingdom i am creating will only be Elves and we will strive to be become the best Guild/Clan out there! From Doing Quests to having a 10 man squad in PvP! I am seeking other officials and members to join! I have a few friends from Halo i might bring over hopefully to expand my Kingdom but I am posting the topic on here to get some new faces!

Our Goals and Future:

Our Primary goal is to get everyone at least Veteran rank 1+ And to be the fear Elves of The Elder Scrolls by taking over the PvP Scene! We will be doing quests together and having fun!

Starting we will be some what noobs but goal is to become a elite force and will be editing requirements and such later down the road!

Guild Info and Requirements

Server: USA
Guild Leaders: Elfiy (Add me/Message to Join)
Type: PvE-Veteran-Endgame
Philosophy: We want to be a quality group with positive, helpful, and active members. This will create the Elite players we want to be surrounded by.

Format To Join or Just Message Me!

Do you have a mic:

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