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Red Phoenix Order (new guild looking for members)

Welcome, the Red Phoenix Order is a casual guild for grouping up for dungeons, trials, end game quests, and PVP. Also a place for trading, crafting and PVE or what ever you would like. Here to help if needed. All levels alliances are welcome, but looking to find Vet level players, guild is also primarily based in AD. If we get enough members I can assign those in different alliances to take charge in those areas. Since we are a new guild, new members will rank up fairly quick if they contribute to the guild(deposit items in guild bank, invite players, ect.). GT: Merrick42 hit me up if you have any questions and feel free to leave me your GT if you would like to join the guild. Happy to have you aboard the Order... time to become legends

Update: Also Society of Silence is wanting new members just gained a new Guild store and wanting all level and style of players. Contact me or GM CourtneyManson if you want to join.
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