ESO Plus on PS4

I have a question for PS4 players with ESO Plus. I tried looking up this question and saw some contradicting answers.

I am a new player and would like to extend my current ESO Plus membership which will expire in a few more days.

Do I have to wait for my current ESO Plus to expire before purchasing another month on the Playstation store? Or would my membership be extended if I were to purchase another month right now before my current membership expires?

Can PS4 players purchase multiple months of ESO up front?

Thank you.
  • Sunburnt_Penguin
    It just automatically renews until you cancel
  • thefndodge
    It just automatically renews until you cancel

    Thank you! I didn't realize that it was a subscription and it would be auto-renewed. I assumed I was buying it on a one month a la carte basis.
  • Sunburnt_Penguin
    Its easy to cancel as well which is good.
  • BucFanJKE
    Didn't there used to be options for more than a month at a time? I only see a one month option. IIRC there was longer subs that netted you more crowns overall.
  • kylewwefan
    There's discounts for buying multiple months on PC, but not on PS4 or xbone
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