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  • raphi11
    Soul Shriven
    TY NOW i get it
  • reoskit
    Poke poke. Requesting addition of Welkynar motif.

    Thank you for this forum post. I've referred to it many times.
  • WolfStar07
    ZOS has numbered Dead-Water and Elder Argonian as #69 and #70 respectively. So what do you suppose #68 is going to be?
  • Feric51
    WolfStar07 wrote: »
    ZOS has numbered Dead-Water and Elder Argonian as #69 and #70 respectively. So what do you suppose #68 is going to be?

    Maybe they'll finally introduce the Reach Winter motif into the game. Briarheart gear currently drop in the style, but the style mat and motif have yet been unattainable in game.
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  • reoskit
  • KcjAries78
    Is there an update somewhere?
  • Tevalaur
    KcjAries78 wrote: »
    Is there an update somewhere?

    You can see an updated list of motifs (and how to get them) on my guild's website if you'd like, but the links to view screencaps won't work (except for Motif 11: Ancient Elf as I've been using that to test things out).

    I've not gotten the time to screencap them all as yet and the project is not atop my current list of priorities... but perhaps I shall attempt to enlist helpers.
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  • Threemoons
    Thanks so much for doing this!
  • wenchmore420b14_ESO
    Thank You Teva!!!!
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