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Come be a Link in Linx of Steel


Please come join our guild, Linx of Steel we have plenty to offer. We are growing daily and have 320 plus members with a multitude of activity levels from being online daily to once a week. We also welcome all 3 alliances in our guild and there are members from each alliance in our guild currently who are available to help at all times.

We also have a Rank structure and leadership positions are currently available. We have begun a monthly lottery for our members to take advantage of.

We also have a newly created guild website you can check out the guild page at this link

We also offer FREE werewolf bites to guild members who are interested. We are member oriented and focused on friendliness and teamwork. We do have a few rules you can review on our website.

We do not require any fees or dues but donations are welcome.

We look forward to hearing from you, thank you for your time and consideration!

Any questions you can reach me on our guild page or message me here or thru live GT: Steel_Linx43
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