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You're Invited to The Tea Party (NA, XB, EP)

Welcome to The White Rabbit Knights recruitment page. You are invited to join our ranks within the realm of ESO. So let’s begin with explaining about us, and why you possibly should join.

About Us –

We are a small guild at the moment, but we are eager to find new members and officials that can extend us above this rank. We were started out of pure frustration of not being able to find other people to just enjoy the game and have a conversation with, whether that involves roaming the world doing mindless quest for hours or farming dungeons. We would like to have a mature community and we understand no everyone can get online every single day, and make no requirements of coin or attending. We are stationed in EP, but we are accepting all Alliance factions.
Our Goals –

In making this guild my personal goal as GuildMaster is that we are able to do Trials, and push the limit of our characters and create new and fun things. Though I understand farming dungeon after dungeon to get that one gear piece that would complete your set isn’t always everyone’s form of fun, so I would love to see some people carry our little guild name into PVP and make claim to keeps and silently/ progressively take over.

The White Rabbit Knights, is a fun little theme of Alice in Wonderland, mostly due to the fact that I had never seen one done and I enjoyed the story as a child and thought it would be a unique idea. At the current time I would like to get some individuals that want to expand a guild and help form it, as we are running on a single engine of the guild master at the current moment.

If you would like to be invited please place your gamertag in a post below and I will do so when I get home after work, 5:30 Pacific Time, and as a final note what is the worst to join? You are always welcome to leave if you see fit.

Also if you have any questions please feel free to message me, GamerTag: FlufySquirelSGT
  • Crazyxsaltyx
    If its possible can i get an invite please

    GT- CrAZy xSaLTyx
  • FlufySquirelSGT
    Yes I will Crazy, give me a moment
  • surlytroll
    gt surlytroll
  • FlufySquirelSGT
    Not a problem, also if those of you who are join. Please find us on the Line APP, just send me a friend request and I will send one out to you guys to join the group.
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