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Ebonheart Pac Guild

Soul Shriven
Was looking for a larger guild to learn pvp. Still learning the game
  • CelticSold1er
    Well The Thrashing Gyarados aren't (large) yet but we are growing in numbers and if you want to join that would still be awesome. I have plans to do alot of PVE in the future and trading as we gain loot but im sure as we get more people PVP will be an option alot of us are still learning as well but we have a vet in our guild with some good advice. But with most of us still learning that can be good for questing and growing as a guild message me @ Celtic Sold1er on Xbox or (email) if you're interested

    - Alliance: Ebonheart Pact -
    - GT: Celtic Sold1er
    - Platform: Xbox One -
    - Server: NA -[/b]
  • Sakaweed
    @Dragonslayer201 Rogues Gallery Guild is a great guild that will help you learn PVP. We recently had two members from our guild appear on leftlucys top 5 PVP fights. If you're interested check out our site and apply. We have large groups run PVP and PVE events daily!
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