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The Lunar Collective is here and ready to recruit players! If you are interested in being part of a progressive, active, tight knit and fun loving guild then look no further. TLC accepts all players from any alliance. We are a fresh and unique guild that focuses on enjoying the game while providing players/members with a great social gaming experience! we are looking for players who want to help the guild move forward and grow stronger. Quicker Rank advancements are available to players that prove themselves to be dedicated to bettering the guild. if you are interested in joining leave your gamertags below .
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GT:Shock Value1134
  • Sauria
    Soul Shriven
    Thanks for adding me to the guild! I just have a few do I join in any group runs? How do I add gold to clan to vote?
    Also I noticed that some people add and withdrawal items to the group. How does that work?
    I would be happy to donate items now and then that I pick up if I knew how.

    Feel free to add me as friend when you see me in the game .GT is LargerOcean 5156
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