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Looking for endgame guild - AD

I'm looking for a guild that enjoys PVE.

I took a couple months off but now back. I'm pretty familiar with the dungeons pre IC (may need a refresher on some fights). I'd like to get into some of the DLC trials and dungeons.

I'm by no means the best but feel I have a pretty good grasp of my character and am a capable healer.

Would be nice to have a group to run daily pledges. Quite tired of PuGs!

Just looking for an active group to play with and work through the game.

GT: wellen daoud
Alliance: Aldmeri Dominion
Race: Breton
Class: Templar v16
  • ForlornBeliever
    You might enjoy the Bloodborne Rogues. I've sent you an invite. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask me. GT= Vengeful Wyvern
    Leader of the Bloodborne Rogues. Werewolf looking for a pack or want to be a werewolf? Or just looking for teammates to take on Tamriel's baddies? Feel free to message me if you have questions or are interested in joining. Xbox One/NA Server
  • kidwgm
    Sounds like you would fit in with Citadel of Insanity. We have 125 active members across DC, AD and EP. We are trying to find members who are active and willing to join us in guild chat or on LINE. Our Goal: PVE, Doing the daily pledges, helping new and old ESO players, dungeon farming, trails, DSA, Cryodiil quest and etc. My GT is Kid Whimsical and I will send you an invite asap. I'm currently at work.......hence the reason I'm posting here, lol.
    DPS StamDK CP506 X1 NA GT Kid Whimsical
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