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Piehole Brewing Co. Daggerfall Trading Guild 400+ members/ No dues

Are you a Hardcore DC player looking for an active trading guild with no required dues? Post your GT here and youll be invited to Piehole.
  • NickSchillinger
    Guild trader this week!!
  • RiverDan
    Can I get an invite please?

    GT: SG RiverDan
  • NickSchillinger
    Invite sent. Welcome to Piehole
  • Aulakauss
    I'd love an invite; been needing a friendly trading guild. Gamertag is Aulakauss

    With a name like Piehole, how could I not want to join?
    Edited by Aulakauss on March 31, 2016 6:36PM
    "It's one thing to see your past from present memory. It is entirely another to step through the Dragon and be yourself remembering the present in the past as the future."
    - Karstine Zeterra (2E)

  • bbrown0770
    GT: BronzeBen 0770
    If you have room
    GT: Sir Ben 0770
  • NickSchillinger
    Invites sent. Happy Trading
  • ForsakenSin
    Hey mate im actually looking for trading guild vet 16 with allot of items to sell i also have 6 other friends who are looking

    Can you send a invite ? GT F0RSAKEN SIN (o is number zero)
    "By many i am seen as a savior of the Tamriel i will not stop until every Daedra every evil there is in Tamriel is vanquish by my hands..
    However i do this for my own purpose to gain trust of mortals to worship me and to eliminate my competition i will not bend my knee to lead your army to serve you Molag Bal , i will simply just take it from you.."--- Forsaken Sin( Magica Sorc)

    Arise From Darkness Forsaken SIn
    "You have been a loyal High Elf Magica Sorc
    Conjure of Darkness, Master of Magic
    Killer of Molag Bal and Savior of Ebonheart Pact
    Until Dark Brotherhood killed you...
    but now..NOW its time to Arise From Darkness once again..."

  • jaytin44
    Hi there! Could you please send invites to jaytin1969 and tinjay66? Thanks in advance! :)
  • YetiHunter
    Soul Shriven
    Can I get an invite? Gt is: Sniping Yeti

    Thanks in advance.
  • NickSchillinger
    Invite sent
  • mpegraham
    Soul Shriven
    I'd live to join, GT - Peggyasus
  • NickSchillinger
    Welcome peggy
  • Tida2Yuna
    Would like to join.GT: qifas3t
  • NickSchillinger
    Guild trader this week!
  • softchinchilla
    Gamer tag: softchinchilla
  • DannnyBOii
    Soul Shriven
    Can I get an invite: Dannny BOii
    "The more knowledge you get, the more questions you ask. The smarter you get, the more you realize that everything can be possible." - Georges St-Pierre
    GT: Dannny BOii
  • NickSchillinger
    Both invites sent. Welcome guys.
  • luckybush56

    GT:peakpenny404157 inv plz,will donate everyweek!tyvm
  • dseries
    Soul Shriven
    GT: Slipdawg
  • GCypher87

    Ya'll got anymore of them invites?
    GT MrSelfDestructG
    PC: @Cyffr
  • Steel_Linx43
    I'll take an invite GT Steel Linx43
  • OutcastNine
    Soul Shriven
    Could I get invites for myself and my boyfriend?
    GT: OutcastNine
    GT: Legend of Broda
  • NickSchillinger
    All invites sent sorry for the delay.
  • Cookieguy2007
    I would like to try your guild sounds good.. Haven't been in a Trading Guild.. Are you accepting all factions ?

    Gt: CBD35
  • NickSchillinger
    Invites sent
  • kaylangrove22
    Soul Shriven
    Can I get an invite? GT feralfleshflute
  • Katyprairie
  • luckybush56
    My GT is caninecoffee556,inv plz tyvm!will donate everyweek!
  • CFetzRun
    Soul Shriven
    Could I please have an invite?
    GT: C Fetz Run
  • Rellick1313
    Hey me and my sister are looking for trading guild. Just got into this and play an average amount.

    Gamer tags Vengince and Rudely Awoken
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