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Welcome to the et'Ada of Nirn

The et'Ada of Nirn is a devoted guild with
hundreds of devoted members that welcomes all.
We will forever be an active guild in ESO and all members are valued and treated equal.
We are a no pressure guild, we never kick for inactivity and all members new and old, have alot of freedom via permissions.

All factions are welcome and played through equally.
All members can recruit so bring your buds.
All members have access to the well stocked guild store.
And our bank is often very generous.
And there is absolutely NO fees.

We organize many guild events (more so once txt chat drops)
And we like to cater to all game types, pve, pvp, rp! You name it.
We get better everyday and I hope to see more of you join us.

If you would like to join then we would love to have you among the et'Ada.
Please contact gamer tag. Dr Bedlom
Feel free to add me and I will certainly add you back.
Please feel free to contact me anytime regarding any guild suggestions or if you need back up. Happy hunting!
Edited by bedlom on March 25, 2016 3:40PM
  • USMCAggie0351
    What faction are most of your members a part of?
  • bedlom
    Sorry I forgot to mention that we accept all factions, and most of our members play all factions so no matter what faction you are, you will be fine.
  • bedlom
    This is a completely no pressure guild that will be active forever and hold events for every type of content imaginable in eso.
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