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[Ebonheart] - Rising Rebels - [Open Recruitment!] [Updated]


Rising Rebels Gaming Community (R1S3) is a mature, respectful, constantly evolving gaming community. We are a place for gamers to gather and game without any of the drama. We welcome all types of gamers, whether you are a hardcore, casual or just a weekend warrior. We aim to become the biggest gaming community of peers in the world for gamers of every kind to come, play and discuss everything related to games.

We are looking to have a good time on Elder Scrolls Online. Here are some of the things that our Community - Guild has to offer:
  • Coordinated and organized PvP battles with experienced leadership. If your looking for a guild that is focused on winning and having fun while enjoying all of the things that Elder Scrolls online has to offer you then come join us!
  • We have members who want to go into PvP and do Roleplaying, We have members who like to run a casual/slow-paced group(s), Those who are dedicated to looking for Skyshard's and Lorebooks, and Treasure chests for those who want to go on collection runs. We have those who get together and do power leveling for those who want to hit max level fast and get down to owning.
  • We have experienced MMO players that are willing to help with Crafting, Building, and Class assistance.
  • We are a fun but mature community. If you want a talkative, energetic guild, Rising Rebels is the Community/Guild for you.
  • We will be playing A LOT of Elder Scrolls in the first few weeks of each DLC and we will always continue to grow our experiences after! There is a whole world to explore & we are looking to do that with each & everyone of you!

We require members to have/do the following things to join our Community/Guild:
  • Applicants must have a working Xbox One microphone. (If no communication whats the point?)
  • Applicants must be at least 17+ old in order to join. (Some exceptions can be made for ages 16 if mature enough.)
  • Applicants must be able to have a mature conversation and understand the concept of joking around. (Sense of humor required.)
  • Applicants must be able to play at least 3 to 4 times a week & be able to register on our website and be active as well. (In game & forums are a must.)
You can visit or join our website here:
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