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Hands of Vaermina - NA Server - Ebonheart Pact

Hey, Guys!

We're really just launching this guild. We're currently about 11 members strong, looking to grow.


Our name is based in Lore. Our patron is the Daedric Prince Vaermina. She is often associated with nightmares and torment. The ranks will be named as such, but for the most part, that is about as Lore focused as we get. We are not a 'role playing' guild. We won't require any special emotes, languages, races, etc..


Our focus is PvP. We are not out farming emperor for the time being. We're more focused on building a membership base of people who enjoy playing together in organized combat operations. We will run large groups to take objectives in Cyrodiil. We're not a ganking guild. We aren't going to be hanging around Cropsford waiting for unsuspecting questers, but that's not to stop you and a couple of fellow guild mates from doing so.

We understand there's a strong PvE element to this game and character progression. Most of us are friendly and more than willing to help you grind out some of the quests, delves, dungeons, etc..

We are focused on healthy, sustainable membership growth. We're not spam-adding everyone we see to hurry and bolster numbers. if we play together, and we get along, I'll likely throw you an invite.

My end goal is to be able to self-sustain a guild trader as a benefit to loyal guild members on the revenue the guild trader generates. If we want some of the high traffic areas, we may assess a voluntary contribution system in the future.


We are more inclusive than exclusive. We will not be requiring you to wear specific armor styles, build specific classes or races, nor wear guild tabbards. We do NOT have dues or participation requirements.

We do ask that you only take what you need, and try to give back to the guild when you can. I'll generally leave mats, items, gear, etc.. that I do not use or just don't plan on selling in the guild bank. If you're given access to these items, we ask that you do not take advantage, and try to leave something for players who may not be as far along as you.


More than anything else, community. We're out here to have fun and do it with other people. We'd like to get a strong enough base to really get some organized PvP going on, but don't want to lose our roots.

Initially, your benefits will be limited to getting to hang out with some down to earth cool people, and maybe have a couple of people to go to if you're having trouble with something

With time and getting to know one another, we'll roll out access to the guild bank, inviting other members, and ultimately traders.

I'm a little behind on my crafting for NA servers, but If I have the mats and time, I'll gladly put together crafting sets for you. If we can make each other stronger, we make ourselves stronger as a group.

How to Join:

Send me a message here, or to my Gamer Tag Pr0jektile

*That's a zero*

We'll also have a Facebook Group, here:


It's not much, but will eventually allow for coordinating events, discussions, or just community outside of the actual game interface.

Looking forward to seeing you all out there.

- Pr0jektile
It is not your ability, so much as your willingness to do what is right that will set you apart from the rest.
  • Drikket_Ur
    Soul Shriven
    Hello, I am currently in route to finding a guild to be a part of. I am attracted to the dues and participation part of your claim, as the woes of personal endeavors and work related tortures can at times hold captive much of a persons free time. I also find the PvP bit pretty alluring. I'd imagine it'd be quite fun to do things of that nature.

    I am currently level 21, in EP, and a dark elf Dragonknight. I stopped playing a few months after release but in the past week and a half picked it back up. If you have any questions or curiosities feel free to message me, reply, or send me a message via XB1 GT, Dead Thieves

    Thank you for your times.
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