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I really need a guild or several

So I'm a lvl 21 nord nightblade in the EP looking for a guild I can't currently pay any high dues cause I'm pretty broke most of the time which is why I'm looking for a good trading guild I usually play like 6 hours a day during the week and lots during the weekend so I would be a very active player I also would love to find a group to do PVP and PVE I really wouldn't mind an up and coming guild either as long as they were active also werewolf would be pretty fun to so yeah if anybody is looking for new recruits feel free to message me my GT is RagnarVI
Edited by RagnarVI on March 15, 2016 7:56AM
  • RagnarVI
    Oh and feel free to post your guild details here so I can read more about the guild before I join
  • ForlornBeliever
    I've invited you to join the Bloodborne Rogues. Here's some info for you:

    -The primary focus was initially PvE but PvP is also an option if that's your preference. With more members, we could have dedicated groups for either.

    -We currently have 58 members and counting, but as of now do not yet have a trader. Donations are appreciated but not required unless you are selling in the store so that we may acquire/maintain a trader.

    -All alliances and levels are welcome though the majority of our members are Aldmeri Dominion.

    -The main aspect is teamwork: having someone available to help you if you need it, whether it be with questing, crafting, PvP, etc.

    -We are a werewolf guild but being one or becoming one is not mandatory, only an option if so desired. Charging members for bites is not permitted.
    Leader of the Bloodborne Rogues. Werewolf looking for a pack or want to be a werewolf? Or just looking for teammates to take on Tamriel's baddies? Feel free to message me if you have questions or are interested in joining. Xbox One/NA Server
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