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[EU PC] Tamriel Stock Exchange - Vet Trading Guild


Tamriel Stock Exchange (490+) is a strong veteran trading guild, whose chat usually is quiet. Due to our fixed settlement in Rawl Kha we are able to provide you a secure and stable spot for sales of important veteran items.

We dont have any membership fees, but we kick after 10 days offline (lower ranks) or if somebody didnt sell/buy or donated within 10 days. To join us you must have at least one lvl 50 char.

Chat: englisch
TS: available and may be used by all members

Contact ingame: @Verbalinkontinenz @inc1te @Nku @Millennio
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EU/PC trading guilds
Tamriel Stock Exchange - Rawl'Kha - Contact (ingame): @Verbalinkontinenz @nku
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Personae non gratae: Autokicktool. Help getting rid of bots and bankrobbers from your guild more efficient.
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