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Cauterize (DK Inferno Morph)

Hello everyone.

Why is that Cauterize doesn't heal self? This makes the morph incredibly limited when out of a group setting of a dedicated healer. The other morph of this ability, Flames of Oblivion, has use both in group and solo.

There is no chance to at least consider making the healing fireball of Cauterize be able to heal self just like it happens with other healing skills from the Restoration Staff line and even Dragonknight's Obsidian Shard that heals the target with less health as it should. It would be more coherent and balanced. That would also make the skill more versatile and providing utility to both solo and group settings.

Another idea that I would like to share, although vastly less relevant than my previous thoughts on self-healing, is that the Inferno skill could have a feature that if used on both weapon bars it would become a toggle, remaining active until it was turned off, similarly to how people used Inner Light from the Mages Guild prior to the changes in Thieves Guild. Maybe only behave as a toggle with Cauterize morph, improving viability of Dragonknight's as healers that are so recurrently rejected in high-end content in favor of Templars. That would make the ability more balanced as it would behave like a normal skill when used on a single weapon bar but to those willing to sacrifice other abilities to slot it in both bars would benefit from it becoming a toggle.

What do you think? Particularly about the first issue of Cauterize never applying on the character that casts it.

Thank you for reading, have a great day and enjoy Thieves Guild!
  • Marques
    Also I am unsure if this is the ideal place for the above recommendations. I have only posted it here as I have been beta-testing on the PTS prior to the recent release and these ideas are related to the changes introduced in the most recent update so I found it appropriate. If the administrators feel this sort of post would be better suited in a different category of this forum please feel free to move it accordingly.
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