Unable to give werewolf bite

I've never had any issue with this before today so I'm guessing it's new. I tried to bite someone and it didn't gibe me the option. I was at the shrine and my bite isn't on cooldown so I know that's not the problem. 2 other people there even transformed and were unable to so I know it wasn't me glitching. Somehow one of them managed to get it to work though it'd be nice to know why it didn't in the first place.
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  • Alorier
    Werewolf has been bugging for ages people struggle to bite and then the quest gets bugged having to exit and renter a few times to fulfill the quest
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  • Destyran
    Ok here is what i do when im at shrine in riften and it happens. Transformation it doesnt work so i sprint to a tree a ways away from shrine and sprint back then it works!!
  • Spliffo
    Just swim into the water and let the wolf timer tick down a bit then swim back and you will be able to bite
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