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Warriors fury change?

Did ZOS ever agree to change this set to any dmg taken or is it going to be left as critical dmg and be useless? Because already when fighting someone that knows you have it on, they can just stop attacking and you lose your dmg, but by making it critical you will never see it's 5 piece bonus in pvp and the set won't even exist in pve. I mean this set could be viable if it was all dmg taken. But in the current condition of heavy armor, you will never take 20 crits and survive..(and should you be able to be crit 20 times and still living...not really)
  • Azarath_tiberius
    The set OP mentions, it's in the TG update.

    Just to give you a hindsight of how ZOS makes sets.

    Combat / itemization dev 1: What are some of the most powerful things in PvP?

    Combat / items dev 2: I dunno.. Sorc shields, Zergs, healing debuffs ... crits?

    Combat / items dev 1: Crits? LETS MAKE A SET OUT OF THAT!!!

    So instead fixing the problem at its core (yes, crits are ridiculously poweful. If you are not wearing 7/7 impen I wish you good luck) they try to fix it via itemization.... Witch doctors had a better effect in medicine than this BS..

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