Trinity All-Faction Guild Accepting New Members

  • Akira-DarkShadows
    thankyou for the invite
    PSN: AkiraNightWish
    PC: @Akira-NightWish
  • Akira-DarkShadows
    i forgot to tell you this.

    Lvl 50 Khajiit nightblade AD
    lvl 10 Khajiit Dragonknight AD
    Lvl 10 Dark elf Sorcerer EP
    PSN: AkiraNightWish
    PC: @Akira-NightWish
  • rsanidad_ESO
    PSN: zzyxxs
  • akl77
    PSN: Aklsheep
    PS4 pro NA
  • Steelriver
    PSN: TexasRangers1975
  • jizzsus
    Soul Shriven
    Psn: jizzsus
  • d3adlysins420
    Soul Shriven
    PSN Elite_soul01
  • PillowSnake
    Soul Shriven
    I would love to join!
    Psn: JPitcher4
  • BloodBornAngel
    Soul Shriven
    Hello. I've recently moved from PC to PS4 with the game. I haven't really played the game a whole lot because I don't really like to play alone, but I thought, 'why not join a guild and fix that?'

    I have two characters, though I'm currently invested in a Dark Elf Dragonknight in the EP. She's level 9 about to hit 10. I really feel like becoming a master blacksmith with her as well. (Just hit 5 blacksmithing. It goes so slow alone. ;-;)

    PSN is BloodBornAngel.

    I'll be on intermittently every day this week. I'd love to join and experience the things I've been missing playing alone. <3
    Also willing to start again with a third character in another faction if need be. I like to try everything out. <3
  • Syndas
    Soul Shriven
    Would love to join

    PSN - Syndas
  • dannyboy0288
    PSN - heer4beer
  • pogotheklown
    I would like an invite.

    PSN ID is pogotheklown
  • QUEZ420
    Hello, I would love to join ur guild on ps4. I'm an active player with daily logins and I'm a pc transfer OG lol. :)

    PSN: QUEZ420

    Thank you in advance, hope to hear from you soon.
  • Akira-DarkShadows
    thank-you for the invite
    PSN: AkiraNightWish
    PC: @Akira-NightWish
  • DrInsanity666
    Bazarov wrote: »
    Trinity is an extremely active guild which participates in a large amount of PvE, PvP, crafting and trade.

    We have around 400 members now and are accepting new members. We're a dedicated guild with active, responsive officers. We have one or two scheduled events per day, every day of the week, and have tons of impromptu adventures all day (and often late into the night).

    Guild Chat 1 is where we meet up and recruit members for planned or spur of the moment events, crafting or questing help, or just to socialize with some of our awesome members. After grouping up we move to lower chat channels for courtesy. We say that Trinity is "The last guild you'll ever need to join" and most agree. We are primarily an AD guild but in anticipation of the game's ever expanding multi-faction play opportunities we're accepting all factions and many of us have / are leveling Reds and Blues.

    Promotions are based on being active: chat, events, crafting, selling in store / trader, donating gold or items to the guild bank, helping guildies. Basically we give access to the bank once you have demonstrated a commitment / investment in the guild. Most of our members are aged late 20s to 50, but we have a few younger and a few 60+, average age probably around 35, many with kids.

    For an invite please reply to this thread, send a PSN message to Turgenev, or hit up our PSN Community "Trinity Guild." We look forward to getting to know you!

    • Dungeon / Trial LFG group to find members for dailies, weekly trial, DSA, etc.
    • Elite Dungeon Squad for White Gold, Prison, DSA, Trials.
    • Massive Imperial Sewer Events
    • Dungeon Races for prizes
    • Auridon Hide & Seek for prizes
    • Fishing Tournament for prizes (Including Naked Fishing w/ a 100k+ pot twice monthly)
    • Legerdemain farming
    • Wrothgar Dailies
    • Weekly Skyshard / Lorebook runs, including ALL Cyrodiil
    • Craglorn Delves events
    • Craglorn Quests events

    • "Black Ops" Ganking Imperial Sewer / Arena Squads
    • Imperial City Small man "Capture the Flag" & Tel Var Farming
    • "Jesterpocolypse" in Cyrodiil - dress up as a zerg of jesters and farm 100k+ AP per evening
    • Emperorship Runs
    • There is always a crew from the guild PvPing in Guild Chat 2, the dedicated PvP Channel
    • Some of our members have been recognized IRL as a result of the Jesterpocolypse events, which have gained our PvPers infamy on PS4 and beyond.

    Crafting and Trade
    • Many 9-trait master crafters in multiple crafts
    • Tons of 8-trait crafters
    • "Crafters Corner" Group of crafters where we submit the orders for things that people are looking for and someone makes it
    • "Trait-Trading" events to knock out those last few pesky traits in a craft.
    • Guild Trader. Most weeks we have one. On weeks when we don't the guild store still does brisk trade just among guildies because we're an active bunch.
    • Multiple XP potion crafters who will be happy to trade potions for perfect roe.

    Psn: Drinsanity666
  • Akira-DarkShadows
    how many people are in the guild now?
    PSN: AkiraNightWish
    PC: @Akira-NightWish
  • Bazarov
    Akira, we fluctuate between 450-500 and are currently around 490. We appreciate all the members we've gained from the forums many of whom are active and passionate guildies, and constantly prune the rolls of folks who've become less active.
  • GreenhaloX
    @Bazarov, can you send me an invite. My PSN: greenhalo. Thanks
  • Vandermeer
    PSN: Mythologica
    Now in Technicolor!
  • ehodigs
    Soul Shriven
    Psn: ehodigs
  • SpiderKnight
    Can I get an invite, please?
    Active player
    Edited by SpiderKnight on July 5, 2017 10:43PM
  • JKwervo
    Would love to join. Just switched from PC to PS4.

    PSN - JKwervo
  • TBrinky
    Soul Shriven
    IGN - Kalco
  • GeorgeryII
    Soul Shriven
    I'm a new player but learn quickly. Would appreciate an invite.
  • Scrummy37
    Somewhat new player with a pvp char and a pve char, very interested in your guild
    Gt scrummy37
  • electriicw0lf
    2 i'a and a zero in wolf
  • Lucky_spb
    Soul Shriven
    Would like to join
  • thegambler-80
    Soul Shriven
    Im interested in joining,PSN:thegambler-80
  • Dracan_Fontom
    I'm interested in joining. My psn is tophighlander2.
  • Lukanthropos13
    Soul Shriven
    PSN: Lukanthropos13

    CP300+ Primarily AD. Starting to get back into the game after some time off and looking to run various content with an active group.
    == Champion Rank 290 == (PS4/NA)
    Skala - Lvl 50 Stamina Sorceror- AD
    Loukas Aurelius - Lvl 50 Magicka Templar - AD
    Kalas - Lvl 50 Stamina Dragonknight - AD
    Ska'la - Lvl 50 Stamina Nightblade - AD
    Skatah - Lvl 50 Magicka Nightblade - AD
    Ska'tah - Lvl 12 Stamina Sorceror - DC
    Skatah Aurelius - Lvl 6 Magicka Dragonknight - EP

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