Trinity All-Faction Guild Accepting New Members

  • shikako
    I would love to join. Please send invite if you're still accepting new members.

    PSN: shikako211
    Thank you!
  • Adriabi
    Soul Shriven
    Could I please get an invite if you are still recruiting. Thanks :)
    PSN: hallway_pass
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  • Glenbacon
    Soul Shriven
    I'm interested in joining if you're still recruiting :)
    Psn: Gliblett
  • patsfan1958
    Like to join. PSN patsfan1958
  • drewherring2698ub17_ESO
    I'd like to join too, PSN drewbert2698
  • deathscythe
    psn: deathscythe_206

    sent a message also
  • whenpandasattack
    Soul Shriven
    I would love to join if you are still recruiting that is

    PSN abbyzhaowen
  • MatioFrench
    Would love to join. I'm online daily.

    PSN: MatioFrench1981
  • Enderyn
    Soul Shriven
    My wife and I have been co-running a very small but active guild with friends (mid 20's to 60+) with old EQOA players. High end content ranges from PVP to Vet dungeons/trials, all great...down to earth people. Toss me a message when time permits, would love to know more. Thanks in advance. NW19Kilo
    Enderyn X'Lotti -Dunmer Magicka Dragonknight
    Nÿm -Bosmer Stamina Nightblade
    PSN -NW19kilo
  • KnightWing_305
    Psn knightwing305
    Ima low level dragon knight close to mid to long range dps player
  • SiouxsieSioux311
    I would be interested in joining. PSN: SiouxsieSioux
  • Averya_Teira
    Interested In joining. pSN:GUC1990
  • Kenweth
    Soul Shriven
    Interested in joining PSN: Kenweth
  • phkhuhsoninja36
    Soul Shriven
    I'm interested in joining as I'm a returning player.
    PSN tag- yamahayzfr623

  • XxConvict77xX
    I'll be down to join
    Psn- XxConvict77xX
  • Apostolosx21
    Soul Shriven
    Psn Apostolosx21
  • JetLife2985
    Add me! JetLife2985
  • Mayko_Esqueda
    Soul Shriven
    Psn D11_Troop tons of items to sell
  • Bazarov
    OK, just wanted to update. We've been right around 500 members for a while so we were only taking a few people when space permitted. We like to add members in between DLC drops to try to get people who play consistently, not just for a little while when the new material comes out.

    SO, we've cleared out in-actives and are accepting members again. Please reply to this thread and/or send a PSN message to Turgenev for an invite.
  • Omnompork
    Soul Shriven
    Templar heals trying to get back into the groove as Ive been switching back and forth between pc and console to find a group to stick with...

    Psn: Omnompork
  • Spudzylla2086
    Soul Shriven
    I'd be interested in joining. Have characters on all factions and have all crafting professions at lvl 50:

    CP 330+ Dunmer DK EB
    CP 330+ Brenton Sorc DC
    32 Imperial Templar DC
    38 Kahjit NB AD

    Have been running mostly solo but would like to get into group PVE and maybe some PVP.

    PSN ID:Spudzylla
  • DestructoKitty
    We are currently recruiting active players- all alliances, but PVP is usually on AD. Let us know if you'd like an invite :)
  • DestructoKitty
    We have a trader in Hollow City, Coldharbor which we have kept for the past month.
  • Rachele
    I'm interested in joining. Have 4 maxed characters at CP 531, and master crafter in all trades. Most characters in AD. Usually run solo in pvp and pve but want to find active group to run with. Psn Rachet100
  • HrolleifTheUnbroken
    Totally interested!
    PSN: ROBERT-I (that's an "i")
  • bsupino
    CP 480, most characters are DPS. 8 trait and some 9 trait crafter
    looking for more active Trials Guild, invite if there's room.
  • bsupino
    PSN same as here: bsupino
  • chikorawl
    I'd love to join

    PSN: chikorawl

    PSN: dola8monc
    Please invite Thanks
  • Akira-DarkShadows
    PSN: AkiraNightWish
    please add me and thankyou
    PSN: AkiraNightWish
    PC: @Akira-NightWish
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