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Trading issues

There seems to be a issue with trading with players in full Akiviri armour, im always getting "you must be closer to trade" with
people who are in full Akiviri, iv tested this as my girlfriend one of hers is in full and cant trade her others I can, a friend I made him full
Akiviri and now I cant trade with him and a random player I saw I tried trading with as they was in full and I got the same message
iv come to the conclusion that you cant trade if they have Akiviri on which isnt a huge deal but a bit annoying so can it please
be fixed or if this issue is just my account then can that be fixed also
  • Loveyt79
    Soul Shriven
    3 years later.... same! But I have no akavari armor on. I have xivkyn and Telvanni with an outfit made. The other person could not trade with me either. Sometimes just one of us and other trades. But today both no trade.
  • ErMurazor
  • ZOS_Bill
    We are closing this discussion since the thread is over three years old. You are welcome to start a new discussion if no recent threads are open. If you are having issues trading with another player, both players should relog and attempt the trade after logging in again.
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