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Bones Beneath The Sand [DC] - Casual PvX, Crafting, Trade Guild

Soul Shriven
BBTS is a mature 20+ Casual guild aimed at those who like to have mates to play with and move through PvP/PvE content and be able to level Crafting and do some trading as they go along.

Our hope with the fresh guild is to provide a mature adult home for those with work or family obligations to feel no pressure and be able to enjoy their time at a leisurely pace.

We are very anti drama and intended to provide a laid back home. When there are enough members a weekly low fee will be asked so we can procure a stand for members to sell their goods.

We encourage but so not require members to deposit all unused materials for Crafting into the bank so that others may use them go level their skills.

Outtake will be monitored to help avoid any shenanigans but please keep high end materials in your own bank for safety and trade between others via chat.

If this sounds like a place you would like to try out please post here with your XB:GT.

For best results or a hurried invite please message GT: Shadlicious.

Include BBTS in your message.

Hope to see you soon!
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