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? top classes for for bow sniper and flame staff sniper

What class classes would be strongest for a bow sniper. And what one would be strongest for a flame staff sniper?

What are the aspects that make them strongest?

I tried a sorc electo staff snipe but it does dot damage so it didn't seem to work very well.

Has anyone tried a cold staff sniper?

I'm thinking of creating a new mage sniper and a stamina sniper
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Best Answer

  • SirAndy
    My Bosmer does crazy damage with her bow.

    All medium armor, all stamina, with focus on weapon damage and critical.
    Edited by SirAndy on February 23, 2016 10:02PM
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  • Kova
    I wish I still had the screenshot, but a friend of mine had a Dunmer Magicka Nightblade and critted heavy fire attacks at 19-22k on average.

    This was a month after the IC nerfs. He would full charge -> medium charge -> detonate and kill pretty much every player besides the one stacking spell resistance. In failed snipes, he either used elemental expert or mark target...can't remember...and just do the usual detonate + lotus fan, execute combo until he had an ult up.

    Fun to watch, for sure.
    Edited by Kova on February 23, 2016 10:35PM
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    EP Stam Sorc: Kós
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    EP NIghtblade: Aydinn
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