Point of View glitch

Soul Shriven
There's some kind of glitch that sometimes happens after using a wayshrine. The point of view changes from first-person to third-person, and locks that way. Then I need to take a wayshrine somewhere else and then I can change point of view. It never seems to happen when I take a wayshrine into a city. Basically, whenever I zone in or out, this can happen, and then reverse when the same happens. It's really weird.
  • smmonroe78b14_ESO
    Soul Shriven
    Same issue here. Logging out then back in fixes the issue too.
  • jaysonic1991
    Soul Shriven
    Can confirm this. Has happened to me numerous times. I've found some doors actually let you switch it back as well. But not all. Very weird.
  • agn231
    Confirmed as of 3/21. Hope this was addressed in today's patch.
  • WelfareWarfare
    Soul Shriven
    This happens repeatedly to me, but is usually initiated by a specific wayshrine the first time it is used. My only work arounds are to immediately use the shrine to go elsewhere, change the POV, and then beam myself back. Going through doors has never had an effect for me. This is still happening as of today.
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