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Looking for Australian evenings PVP guild - XBOX NA Aldmeri Dominion

I'm in some great guilds but I'm looking specifically for an Aldmeri Dominion guild that plays PVP AEST evenings around 8PM onwards (which is 5AM EST).

Do any AD guilds actually exist? It only seems to be EP or DC in the campaigns most nights
  • lazarusrevives
    Hey Enigmatic! I've got a new guild that is AD, like just opened new. Not Aussie, but we could use a leader in that land to recruit and build part of the guild. If your up for the leg work of recruiting then I'm sure we can mold this guild to our mutual benefit.

    Stonebrawlers of Highvale. I can set you up as an Ambassador if you join :-)
    Edited by lazarusrevives on February 22, 2016 1:42PM
    It's green so it's nature! XD
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