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Arkane Magicka - AD - XB1 - NA Growing adults guild, 50+ members. Join us

We've doubled our size since Christmas. Sitting at around 65 members and looking for more. We'd like to eventually become a trading guild when we get enough active players. There are no guild fees and we don't plan on implementing them. The guild bank is open and free to all members after a small trial period. We don't use the guild store, we are happy to share freely amongst guild members. We have werewolves and vampires and don't charge members for bites.

We use the free mobile app Line for guild communications. We have separate chat forums for Guild Events, Group Finder, and General Chat. Our Line forums are always active. We have seen a great increase in guild activity since adopting Line.

Come and join us for some fun!

1. Over 18 years of age.
2. Active at least once every two weeks.
3. Honest and respectful.
4. Aldmeri Dominion alliance for your main toon.
5. Must have a mic, be willing to join guild chat.
6. We have women in our guild so no being a misogynist pig (joking is one thing, being serious is another).

  • SaiRoland31
    Leave a reply here or message me directly using Line or leave me an Xbox message.

    Xbox ID: SaiRoland31
    Line ID: SaiRoland31
  • necroverse7990
    Soul Shriven
    i would like to join GT:necroverse7990. IGN: son of morzan
  • AmbushTxS
    Soul Shriven
  • Beastt
    An interesting choice of name. Feel free to add me, gamertag: Lucifer Arkane
  • SaiRoland31
    Come and join us for some fun! We want you!
  • Sakriem
    Hello! Active, dedicated, and relatively new to ESO gamer here. Level 18 Mágicka Sorcerer In AD. Looking to boost myself to VR's as soon as I can in order to be of help to the guild.

    Gametag: Sakriem

    I look forward joining the ranks!
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