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Looking for adult social guild

Hi all, I played the game a bit when it was newer but have not played in a long time.

I am looking for a guild ran by adults with an adult membership, preferably an established one (there are thousands of "new" guilds in the game where there are very few people and little going on.)

I prefer to stay away from the drama and bull that come with hanging out with a bunch of kids in MMOs.

Feel free to contact me in game, my character is Zaivva.

  • SamuelMSr
    oh and @King.Samuel as well, forgot about that in this game.
  • SamuelMSr
    Just a bit more, I am looking more for a social guild, people to chat with and learn from, not a guild that is all about trade of goods.

    Also, a guild that has and uses a voice server of some sort will make me very happy. :smiley:
  • Zapranoth
    You might want to take a look at our organization: Meridia's Order of Guardians

    We are part of the MOG Nation community, and you can catch us on mumble most days :)

  • Aandre_the_Giant
    Howdy SamuelMSr,

    Tyrs Paladium is definitely interested. Here's a little bit about Tyrs...

    Tyrs Paladium is an active medium sized guild that has two simple concepts. We are drama free and we don't zerg (rush ahead leaving others behind). We are quite organized and live by our motto: Play hard, laugh hard and win, together. We are very friendly to the new player, returning player, and a veteran player that likes to group with knowledgeable folks without all the typical egos, drama and riff-raff of the typical guild. And Yes we actually enforce our policies.

    We have one of the most active guild websites there is, created by and for guildies only. On this site, you could find plenty of game tips in the Tyrs Library, sign up for scheduled guild content in the Tyrs War Room shoot the sh!t in the Tyrs Tavern, or listen to our esoteric MP3 player in the Tyrs Mosh Pit!

    If you don't mind, I'd like to share a few links with you:

    ** ESO Forums guild recruitment thread promoting our guild.

    ** This is our site. Its private, however you can see a few things, and even peek at our guild rules.

    Once you read our guild rules, if you think they are fair, let me know and we'll get you both in right away!

    Travel well,

    Tyrs Paladium Guild Founder
    Aandre_the_Giant (Tyrs Forum Name - Commodore, Main Character - Frobozz of Zork, Sorcerer)
    Guild Founder
    TYRS PALADIUM - A Premier Elder Scrolls Online Founders Guild
    No Drama. Camaraderie. TEAM Focus. That's the TYRS way. If that's your style, come join us!

    Research our Guild here: Read our official Recruitment thread | Sign up here: Tyrs Guild Website!
  • Lemonyfr3sh
    I could write a huge, tl;dr thing but honestly, I was in the same situation as you until today. I know it's new, but we made a guild this morning called Average Joe that caters to people who are just wanting to make some friends and not have any pressure on them to RP or trade or anything else specific. Lemme know if you're interested. My in-game username is @Lemonyfr3sh.

    Stay sharp.
  • Zirantonus
    Soul Shriven
    Greybeards & Gals is right up your alley. We're a bunch of groovy old cats, very active guild. Drama and Gluten free! Check us out here:
    And here:
    Edited by Zirantonus on February 29, 2016 8:34PM
  • Vindemiatrix
    If you have any slots left after all these worthy replies, please check out our post:
    Guildmama: AssemblyOfSafetyNSecurity
    Vindemiatrix, V16 DC DK, Master Angler
    holee hand grenade, V16 DC Templar, Master Angler
  • Drivan
    If you are still looking come check out Souls of Fate!
    We are a small tight-nit group of gamers always willing and ready to bring more friends into our community. Don't let the numbers on our website ( fool ya we have so many on the roster because we find it hard to let go of our friends no matter how long they have been gone.
    The average age in our guild is about 30 -35, though since I am rumored to be immortal and born sometime around the beginning of time, you could say that the average age in the guild is MUCH higher than that!
    Check us out, if we seem to be the type of people you are looking for contact us and let us know you are interested.
    I am @drivan in game and our GL is @Gamerratic.

    We hope to hear from you soon!
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