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ApocalypticSavages is currently recruiting

Soul Shriven
ApocalypticSavages is recruiting new members of any level with any interest, We are a guild with more of a focus on trials so VR14-16 players would be greatly appreciated, however any one is is welcome! We also have a number of players who run cyrodiil on a daily basis and are trying to increase the amount of players interested in pvp, We are also trying to increase the social side of out guild.

Member Count: 179

For those that do not want to run trials or pvp and are more into the trading game we, currently own the trader Lejesha In Bergama, Alikr'r ( Note: The location of this trader does effect our sales prices).

ApocalypticsSavages has no dues for trader access, However we do have a pretty sweet weekly raffle :)

If you are interested please send a message on the Xbox to: NecroticGoddess

I thank you for your time and for reading this through, I hope to hear from you soon :)
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