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Oghma Infinium Society recruiting for Daggerfall Covenant

Soul Shriven
We are a PvE guild started to support one another in crafting and game knowledge.
Principles we adhere to:
Maturity and respect.
Real life is more important than game life.
FUN. Its just a game.
Ultimately we want to create an environment where you can look forward to jumping into guild chat and seeing where the game session take you!
The only requirement is to have your main in Daggerfall Covenant. As of the typing of this our level ranges are 7 to V7 so all are welcome.
Post your gamertag if you are interested in joining or shoot IIINox or IIIMumbles (those are i's) a message in game to get an invite. Good luck and happy gaming!

This guild has fallen under the control of a gang of coke dealing unicorns based out of Camlorn. They are not fun to play with. They are, however, offering free unicorn licks to the first 20 recruits willing to part with a kidney and don't mind waking up from a powdered daze in a random delve in Rivenspire. I can't emphasize enough the danger of joining losers like these. Stay in school kids.
Edited by IIINox on March 8, 2016 7:50PM
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