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PS4 in game voice chat

Why does it crap out so much? Right now its been crapping out for 2 hours now.
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  • Jimozel
    Soul Shriven
    you can try to tell what is your problem really?
  • Xelrick
    I think he's talking about the Voice Chat channels periodically experience choppy connections for everyone. It sounds like everyone entering a tunnel, in other word very statically...

    This event is server side or whatever Z's using to run Voice chats on. As it accords for everyone on the channel, which sucks when in pvp.

    Only current work around is PS4's Party Chat.
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  • Rittings
    It's not just the "choppy" sound etc that he's talking about I'm sure.

    Voice chat is incredibly buggy right now all around. Changing channels can result in losing ALL channels and needing to actually shutdown the PS4 completely (a re-log doesn't clear it). Getting perpetually stuck in the "joining channel" countdown is a regular issue I've experienced from day 1 and still experiencing it at this point too

    Sometimes shutting down the PS4 doesn't help, and we've had guild mates shut out of chat for several hours at a time.
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