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Looking for a guild

I have maxed all the crafting skills, well 47 in enchanting and 8 traits researched in all most every piece of armor and weapons.

Also have a vet 16 DK stam tank. I would love to find some people to dungeon crawl with. I have a healer who I play with already.

We PVP most nights. I am a tank so dueling I suck but in open PVP pretty good.

I am looking for a guild who dungeon crawl, PVP and definitely trading guild. I dont want to have dues but will donate from sales I make.

GT: killino dragos
  • SPEEDYxG8594
    If you are in AD, then I may have a guild that interests you. It's called Skooma Anon. I try to only get mature gamers in there. We mostly just PVP though but we can craft just about anything. Some wouldn't be opposed to probably doing some dungeons though. We will host raffles and get traders whenever we can. I don't force people to donate so we will not always get a trader. We just a bunch of pretty relaxed guys that just want to have fun and help each other out.

    Let me know if interested.
    Alliance - Aldmeri Dominion
    Xbox One - NA Server
    Xbox Gamertag: SPEEDYxG8594
  • Greywolf_McGrowler
    What Alliance are you in?
    Commander Greywolf34 PR of The Accursed Legion
  • KrixusBlade
    Dirty daggers would love to have you if you are DC. We pvp and pve regularly. Don't focus too much on our trader but a lot of us are in several traders so we can probably help find your needs there.

    Message me: KrixusBlade
  • Killino
    I am in EP :neutral:

    I should have included that!!!
  • FuzzyXxPeach420
    Soul Shriven
    Killino wrote: »
    I am in EP :neutral:

    I should have included that!!!
    would you be interested in joining Phoenix Kings were a close knit guild that plays everything were looking for more members so we have more people to squad up for PVP you could also grow in rank fast in the guild. let me know what pm me or message me on xbox for if interested. have a great day
  • Ebonheart1111
    Pssst… You there.. come closer.

    With the Thieves Guild DLC so close to releasing The Accursed Legion will be hosting events geared around the new trials, quests, and challenges facing those seeking wealth, power, and glory in Hew’s Bane. Join us for in-depth guides, discussions, and strategies for beating the new justice system and making off like a bandit in Khefrem’s Boot!

    Enjoy PvP with full groups 4 times a week 8pm to 11pm EST, and PvE pledges, DSA on Thurs. Saturday we do IC as a guild.

    Join like minded rogues, scoundrels, and greedy filchers in the Accursed Legion!

    Check us out and apply here

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