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[PC/EU/DC] Returning player looking for guild


I recently returned to the game after having been away for over a year and I'm feeling slightly lost :-) My old guild is dead and buried and I would like to find a new one. I really want to get back in to the game but last time I logged on, ESO wasnt free to play and there were no DLCs :-) So I have some catching up to do and could use some guidance.

My main char is a vet 5 orc Dragonknight, with DC alliance.

Here's some info about me:
- 39 years old
- casual player, due to RL-comitments - used to be more hardcore
- have played mmo's for the last 7-8 years. Used to raid in WoW and EQ2.
- Enjoy dungeoning lots, but have done very little in ESO so would be a complete newb in terms of builds and tactics. Want to get started though.
- Enjoy pvp in a very casual way - I suck at it, but find it fun
- Enjoy crafting
- chatty and social
- can't use voice coms (teamspeak, etc)

This is what I'm looking for in a guild:
- Casual
- Social
- Chatty
- Don't mind answering my newb questions
- Would like to join me for dungeons and help me improve at it (if you scream like a 2 year old when your group wipes, you're not the guild for me, sorry)
- no requirements on amount of online-time or being online certain days at certain hours - my RL makes that impossible

I wouldnt mind joining a smaller guild aslong as the members are social and chatty.
  • Calandrae
    Hi Galtavok, please take a look at the Runners. :)

    We are a smallish guild, proud to have a friendly and accepting atmosphere. Our members have characters at different levels, and many of us gladly help new and returning players to get (back) into the game. Some of us are chatty (looks in the mirror), some not, but in general the spirit is good! :p

    If you are interested in joining, please contact one of our leaders in game and register at the forums (very simple process, not like a job application like with some guilds)! My gameID is @AlanaDC.

    (During Trials we do hope people could join our mumble channel - talking is not needed, only listening! :p)
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  • SirCritical
    Earlier I did this direct recruiting often, but nowadays I react to those posts, which are interesting. This is one of them :)

    I'd like to invite you to our medium-sized (100 members) rogue-like guild (at least we're full of nightblades :)), the WEB.

    We have lots of really friendly players, some experienced, some not, but truly helpful :), and we've just lost our Guild Bankrobber :)

    We need chatty mates, but we do not demand voice communicating, and we would like you to be group-oriented, but it isn't a problem if you're progressing on your own, solo way :)

    Read about us!
  • Glycer

    Check, we're a trading guild but fulfil many of your requirements. Mostly because we're not the typical trading guild where you join, dump items in the store and otherwise ignore it, we do have a nice and helpful gang of players that do a lot to help each other and even organize pve and pvp runs.

    We're not a top trading guild, but then again, we don't care, stuff sells anyway and we have a very warm environment.

    Join Us:

    Best regards,

    PK'ing since Pong.
    Founder of Inside Trade.
    Developer at PlayerGadget.
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